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            Now, where was I?  Oh yes!  We were in Atlanta for a total of 32 days while I waited for my crossbow to be fitted with the quick-loading ability.  It may have taken a while but to be able to respond faster in battle I felt it was worth the wait.  Once I had my crossbow back, we bought tickets for this strange technological carriage that was the fastest way to get from Atlanta to the western half of North America.  There was to be a brief stop in New Orleans but after that it was a straight shot to San Antonio, Texas. 


            The first leg of our journey was fairly uneventful.  The rooms could only sleep two so we had to split up.  I, of course, bunked with my dearest Tialith.  Lenn bunked with Regald.  Missa was with Kass…lucky her.  As for Calsundez, he had to bunk with a strange individual.  His name was Pee-Pee but beyond that, at the time, I had no idea what he was.  His race was completely unfamiliar.  Seemed like a nice enough guy though.  He had to be with Regald pointing his finger and laughing almost every time he saw him.  Beyond exploring our transportation and talking with each other there was not much to do.  I tried to flirt a bit with Regald; I think it went over his head though.  We ended up having a smoke party with Missa.  What a blast that was.  We ended up dragging poor Lenn into it some from the fumes.  Boy did we all have the munchies after that! 


            At dinner, Regald almost ended up exposing himself as a lycanthrope as he forgot to revert back from the were-rat form he had taken while buzzed at our little party.  The carriage staff freaked out.  Kass tried to calm them down, but they were having none of it, so I ended up telling them a white lie to get them to calm down.  I said that, as a bard, Regald was just using some illusionary magic.  Fortunately, they bought it and things returned to normal.  I felt bad about lying, but I felt it was needed. 


            After a few days we arrived in New Orleans.  The city was very logically built for a place that is under siege by black dragons at least yearly; sturdy underground fortresses with dispensable and replaceable above ground tops.  Once we were at the inn we discovered that their local customs were equally logical.  It seems that once a month the entire city cuts loose and revels in the pleasures that life…and sex…brings.  It was little wonder that this city had at least half a dozen temples to my Dancing Lady.  And lucky for us, the day of our arrival was the day of the festival.  I was beside myself with glee.  I all but grilled the innkeeper for information regarding how the festivities worked.  Apparently, you bought beads and with these beads you could request favors, usually sexual favors, from whoever you choose to give these beads to.  The more expensive the beads, the more risqué the favor. 


            Needless to say, I very much wanted to take part in this mass city wide party; however, I was given pause as I thought about Tialith.  I was worried about her being taken advantage of or worse, being kidnapped once unscrupulous people discovered her half-pleasure golem heritage.  I’m not even sure if that part of her make-up is expressing itself, but I certainly didn’t want my daughter to be violated in any way, shape or form.  I was beside myself because well, her usual babysitter, Missa, wanted to go and get some of the ‘shinies’.  Regald wanted take part in the revelry just as much I as did.  Lenn, well, she just kind of disappeared so I suspect that she was out having her own fun too.  As for Kass, I REALLY wanted him to try and have fun at this party.  For someone of his heritage, he sure led an incredibly chaste life.


I was just starting to think that I would have to pass on such a delightful party when Calsundez actually offered his assistance much to my surprise.  At first, I was suspicious of his intentions.  After all, he did want to kill Tialith because he considered her an undead abomination.  I thought about it for a bit and realized that Calsundez could not be that stupid.  The whole party would come down on his head if he tried something like that.  He did seem to be trying to be more accepting of Tialith, just as I was trying to be more open about dragons. 


So, despite my worry, I ended up accepting Calsundez’s help and convincing Kass to come out to the party with us.  I even got him to wear that fancy outfit I bought for him in Africa.  I was practically bouncing as we walked to a store to buy some beads.  Missa immediately went out and started collecting her own.  Honestly, I was tempted to do that myself, but I knew from past experiences that it would be easier for a girl to get asked for sexual favors than for a guy to do the same.  Besides, I wanted to know the ‘rules’ of the game.  In other words…what each type of beads meant.


There were several types of beads that could get you everything from a simple kiss to a romp between the bed sheets.  The shopkeeper was selling all of the different types in sets so I bought one set of each type.  The cheapest ones, the kissing beads, were simple strings of shells.  Once I bought them I looked at poor Kass, who had so sportingly accompanied me.  He was looking rather shocked and appalled that the shopkeeper apparently thought that he was going to collect his own sets of beads instead of buying some. 


I immediately felt bad for dragging sweet, prudish Kass along to something that clearly made him uncomfortable.  But at the same time, the embarrassed flush on his moon elf guise just made me want to be naughty.  Once again, my body out ran my brain and before I could stop myself I had draped a string of shells around his neck and delicately kissed him on the cheek.  I felt the blood drain from my face as Kass just stared at me in complete and utter shock.  Fuck me to tears!


 Yet again I thought for sure that I had just shattered our friendship completely as I looked at him!  I knew I must have sounded as pathetic as I looked when I asked him if he was all right.  But I was desperate to know if I truly destroyed something so precious.  Much to my surprise, relief and delight Kass smiled at me and said that he was fine.  I couldn’t contain myself and my wings fluttered happily at this.  After a bit, I became curious.  Could I get away with that again?  Could I perhaps try something…a bit bolder than a simple kiss on the cheek?


I gently draped another set of shells around Kass’ neck.  This time I asked permission before just plunging in.  Much to my delight Kass allowed it, probably expecting another kiss on the cheek.  Not this time though.  This time, I gently laid my lips upon his, fully intending on making it a chaste kiss.  But then, Kass gasped…his mouth open between us.  I couldn’t resist this opportunity.  As I thanked the goddess for this blessing, I plunged my tongue forward and began to drink in the intoxicating flavor that was Kass.  I made sure to map out and memorize every cranny, every texture, every flavor, every MOMENT of this delicious delicacy.  I tried to put as much skill as I could into the kiss, desperately trying to make sure that the pleasure that now tingled and coursed its way through my body was shared equally if not more so by the ‘victim’ of my devilish deed.  If the tremor that ran though Kass’ body as I held it to mine was any indication, I was doing a good job! 


After I released Kass from our kiss, I made sure to continue to hold him to me…if only to steady him as he seemed quite woozy at the moment.  I could not have found anything more delightful and sexy than the dazed expression with which Kass looked at me.  By Sharess, you have no IDEA how badly I wanted to ravish him at that moment.  I wanted to make him writhe with pleasure.  I wanted to bring us both to completion over and over again.  And most of all, after the night was done…I wanted to wake up and be able to see him sleeping beside me in all his beautiful, naked glory.


I so wanted to do all of this.  But…I couldn’t.  I know that Kass isn’t as receptive to homosexuality as I clearly am from our time in Africa.  Despite this, I had been pursuing him, hoping to maybe change his mind and consider at least a fling.  And now, now I had him right before me.  I could have just plunged ahead, continued the clearly working seduction, and probably have reaped the sweet rewards from Kass’ body that I had been so longing for.  But now that I potentially had him…I found that I couldn’t bring myself to do that to him. 


If I did continue like this, everything that I had with Kass would more than likely be gone.  I would have ruined the cultivated trust I had built with him for something as petty as a romp.  I couldn’t do that.  I didn’t WANT that.  I wanted something more…but I didn’t know what that something was.  But I did know this…Kass had to be completely aware of everything that was going on and had to be completely willing to continue for me to be satisfied.  That was the condition that screamed at me through my lust.  So, instead of continuing, I curtailed my desire and patiently waited for Kass to come back to his senses. 


Once thought returned to those amber orbs, I asked if he was all right.  Kass managed to assure me that he was before Regald came up to us and placed a string of diamond beads, the most expensive beads, around my neck.  Kass saw this gesture and took it as a sign to retreat.  I so wanted him to stay…but I knew I couldn’t keep him there against his will.  So I watched as he made his way through the crowd to his safe harbor…the Mystran temple. 


After Kass had disappeared from sight, I regarded Regald.  Well, I had been flirting with him on the carriage.  And he HAD slapped my butt while we were in Augusta.  AND it would be a new experience to me to bed or be bedded by a tiefling.  Plus let’s not forget the fact that I had just gotten myself utterly aroused by kissing Kass.  It didn’t take that much thought for me to allow my kinky side to take over and reciprocate with my own set of beads.  Why not?  I was here to participate in the festival anyway.  And at least with Regald, there was nothing that could make things complicated!  So, we went and had our fun with each other.  Later I found Missa and I finally got to give and receive pleasure with her.  Whee!  Two new experiences in one night!  Then Regald found the two of us and gave us each diamond beads, so…needless to say…we had fun. 


After a few hours, I decided to take a break from the fun to check on Kass.  He was devotedly praying at the temple of Mystra.  I waited for him to finish and he seemed surprised to see me.  In all honestly, I really only wanted to see him, but I needed some excuse as to why I was there so I offered to escort him back to the inn.  That way the more exuberant members of the festival wouldn’t get too pushy with him.  He seemed thankful and we walked back to the inn in relative silence.  Kass seemed to be in deep thought and I was reluctant to disturb him. 


Once we got back to his room, I gently slipped yet another set of shell beads around his neck and this time reverted back to a chaste kiss on the cheek.  I wanted to tread carefully and make sure not to push him too fast into something he wasn’t sure about.  He almost seemed disappointed when he bid me good night.  I worry about whether what I did was a good thing or a bad thing.   To sooth my worry I went back to the festival to drown myself in the pleasure that was all around me.  I went to bed later on, sexually sated.  It was the craziest night of unbridled sex I’d had in a long time.  The sex was wonderful…but…I found myself thinking back on the pleasure and ecstasy I had found in those simple little kisses I had given to Kass.


I had never before been as thankful to my elven anatomy as I was the next morning.  I was able to get away with 4 hours of trancing and come out of my night-long romp looking like the proverbial bed of roses.  When I came down from my loft, I found Tialith sitting with Calsundez.  I fussed over her for a bit and thanked Calsundez for his help.  Then I decided that I needed to get to one of the Sharessian temples so that I could tithe to my church and worship so I bustled Tialith with me so that I could spend some time with her.  The innkeeper was nice enough to give me a portable breakfast.  It consisted of frog cakes, which were quite scrumptious.  Just before I left the place he offered a delicacy…black dragon tail.  I expressed an interest in this treat but I couldn’t eat it and go at the same time so the innkeeper offered to make a sandwich out of it for me.  I quite readily accepted this and soon I left, munching away on frog cakes and an appetizing black dragon tail sandwich.


Once I got to the temple, I surrendered most of the more expensive bead necklaces to the temple as part of my tithe.  Even though they said that San Francisco was going to start doing a yearly version of their festival, I didn’t see the point in carrying all those beads there, plus…I felt that such a donation was only appropriate.  I only kept about 24 of the different more expensive beads and all 47 of the remaining shell beads.  Something in my heart made me want to keep them though I was unsure as to why.


When Tialith and I got back to the inn, Kass approached me.  I almost couldn’t hear his request to speak with me in private over the pounding of my heart in my ears.  When we finally had a moment, the first words out of Kass’ mouth slowed the pace of my heart as effectively as ice water creeping through my veins.  He told me that he would never do what Regald did with me last night.  He said that he felt that sex wasn’t just for fun and that he simply could not have sex for the sake of sex.  To him, it was an intimate act to be shared only with one that you loved. 


I was startled by this rather romantic and old fashioned idea coming from not only a man….but from one who was part succubus as well.  No wonder he’d managed to remain a virgin for so long.  At these words, for some reason, my heart seemed to become as lead and was sinking fast in my chest.  I managed to cover up the hurt I was inexplicably feeling from Kass and tell him that I understood what he was saying to me.    


I could not deny the agony I felt at his rejection though I could not explain it.  I’ve been rejected before, why did this one hurt so damned much?  Just as I was beginning to truly despair, a glimmer of hope suddenly presented itself to me.  True, Kass said that he would only have sex with the one that he loved.  However, I took note, that Kass had said ‘the one’ he loved…he did not say the WOMAN he loved.


 Did I…actually have a chance?  I found myself seizing upon that single lack of specification as though it were a life line.  My lips moved almost of their own volition and I found myself asking him if he would not be adverse to me becoming so precious to him.  I stood before him, trying to appear as calm as I could despite my pounding chest.  Would he be repulsed so much by the idea of a male-male relationship that he would still reject me, even if I managed to gain such favor with him?  “Was all hope truly gone,” my heart cried. 


My heart almost soared out of my chest when he said, “Perhaps.”  Such noncommittal a word and yet it made my spirit lighter.  I felt my lips spread into a smile before I told him that I could handle that.  He looked surprised and befuddled by my words.  His confusion visibly deepened when I winked at him, turned and left.  He’s not the only one that came out confused in that conversation.  I’ve never gone this far…been this desperate to bed someone.  Is there something wrong with me?  Or have I simply become that corrupt in the pursuit of my religion that I am willing to toy with someone’s heart just to fuck them?  I feel my heart ache painfully at the thought.  By Sharess’ good grace, I hope not.


At noon we were back at the station so that we could board our carriage and resume our journey.  Once we were on board, Calsundez said he wanted to talk with me alone.  Damn, I was popular that day!  Once again, I felt my blood change temperature as a result of someone speaking with me.  This time though, it was boiling as though my body had become a tea kettle.  The little…little…AHO!  He dared…DARED…to chastise me for eating the black dragon tail.  I managed to keep my cool and tell him that it was an evil creature.  He shot back that it was a sentient being.  

Evil creatures, such as black dragons, do not DESERVE to even be considered sentient!  How can he possibly defend the very beings that are constantly terrorizing and razing the people of fair New Orleans?!  The black dragons have no such compunctions against eating the gnomes or the rest of the city’s inhabitants, so why in the FUCKING nine hells should anyone hold any shame in eating THEM for a change!  Or is the city of New Orleans not WORTHY of consideration because they do not share high and mighty Calsundez’s morals and DARE to have mass orgies in the streets once a month?!  Fucking dragon humper should be THANKFUL that I’m learning and managing to accept that there are good dragons around, not expect me to actually give consideration to the EVIL ones!  Oh and let’s not even mention the fact that black dragons, the creatures that he SO wants me to respect their sentience, are the dragon species that are most prevalently enslaving avariels right now?!  What about MY RACE’S right to have THEIR sentience respected!?  If I had one of those black BASTARDS in front of me right now, I’d slice it from NOSE TO TAIL!  What a self-centered, overbearing, self-righteous ASSHOLE!


Every time, EVERY TIME, I actually start to calm down and think that Calsundez may actually be a decent sort, he goes and proves me wrong by reaffirming that he is, at his core, a total idiot and blow hard.  Aho!  By the grace of the Goddess, I managed NOT to utterly explode with RAGE at him.  He looked surprised when I refused to back down and apologize for my eating habits by coldly telling him that I did not CARE that I had eaten some of an evil ‘sentient’ being NOR did I care what HE thought about it.  That expression was most entertaining and satisfying.  Sucks to not get what you want, doesn’t it you spoiled brat?


Fortunately, he actually dropped the subject.  Apparently he has SOME small brain in that thick skull of his.  He then asked me a favor; a favor that surprised me.  He actually wanted to bunk with Tialith on this leg of the trip.  At my no doubt surprised and dubious expression, he began to explain that he had become interested in her.  He assured me that he no longer thought of her as a golem or an undead.  Then he explained that the previous night he had spoken with her about the others in the party.  He said that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get her to give him anything about how she FELT about the party members, only their physical descriptions. 


I felt my heart sink again at this.  Was there nothing I could do to make her understand; to help her to see that she was not some mindless automaton?  I’m a terrible father to her, aren’t I?  I have to be if my child has begun to see herself as such.  Calsundez was obviously telling me this out of concern, so I explained that Tialith had begun to believe she was a golem.  To my surprise, Calsundez actually offered to try and get her to open up by talking to her and asking questions.  He’d almost managed it but she quickly went silent again.  I told him that I would ask her if she would like to bunk with him.  The actual decision was hers.  Though, I did tell him that if she agreed and he ended up hurting her, then I would gut him.  He seemed startled at this and not really understanding that my threat was protectiveness.  Sharess, he’s dense sometimes.  Anyways, I asked Tialith and she agreed to bunk with him.


As a result, I ended up bunking with Pee-Pee.  It was during this time that I discovered that he was a very nice guy.  He is a worshiper of an obscure Japanese goddess known as Kaguya.  I really don’t know much about her beyond that.  I will have to do some research if time permits.  We ended up in a wonderful discussion regarding pleasure and love.  I really enjoyed his company and I hope to see him again.  I have to thank him for something very important.


Our discussions made me think really long and hard about my feelings for Kass.  He helped me put things into perspective.  I no longer merely lust for Kass…I…I believe I’m falling in love with him.  It is the only thing that can explain how I’ve been feeling towards him.  The desire to please him and see him happy, the need to have him want me as much as I wanted him, and the pain that stabbed at me when I thought I was going to lose him.  Just thinking about him makes my heart race.  So many words come to my mind whenever I do.  Kind-hearted, gentle, intelligent, strong-willed, exotic, graceful, skilled, trusting…beautiful. 


I thought about the words Kass said to me, about making love and not just having sex.  When I first heard it, all that occurred to me was how quaint, romantic, and old fashioned it was.  Now, though, I find the idea very appealing.  Part of me wants to be cynical and say that I’m finally finding a desire to settle down because I’m getting old.  I am about 27 years away from being middle aged, after all.  The rest of me though, knows that is not true.  I’ve found the one person in all the Realms that I WANT to settle down for.  Now I sound like the romantic.  And I’ve finally realized the purpose of the shell beads.  Everyday, I will give one to Kass.  And every day, I will show him my love with each kiss I glean.  I will do this until I have no more beads.  May we reach San Francisco before that happens so that I may try to buy more.


After a few days of riding, we arrived in the one horse town of San Antonio.  We arrived early enough to do some traveling, so Kass asked if there was any place we had business with before we set out for San Francisco.  Regald spoke up then, announcing his intentions to find his foster brother in Bentonville.  We got directions, supplies and then headed out.


Bentonville made San Antonio look like a booming metropolis.  There was nothing there but farmers who didn’t like having their daughters flirted with, even innocently, and the monastery we were looking for.  Sadly though, the head monk told us that the young man’s heart was too restless to settle into the ways of monks.  The boy had left a while ago with a swordsman named Makoto.  Much to Regald’s distress, the boy wants to take revenge against him because he believes Regald to be the reason for his parents’ suicides. 


Guilt weighed heavily upon Regald.  He stated that he should just let the boy kill him when he finds him.  I told him that revenge was not a good thing.  I felt a bit like a hypocrite when I said it though.  I have no problem with revenge-seeking.  I, personally, want revenge against Laximyrkcion, the white dragon that killed my father, if she is still alive.  The problem that I DO have with revenge is when the person seeking it doesn’t have anything else to live for besides vengeance.  When that happens, all revenge does is poison the avenger’s soul.  I fear for the young man’s soul for I am certain that what I spoke of is his case.  I can only hope that Regald listens to me when I say that allowing himself to die to slake the boy’s thirst for blood will not solve anything. 


We spent the night with the kind monks as it was too late for us to move on and there was no inn within the ‘massive’ town of Bentonville.  After asking where the next best place to go was, we marched out to Border Town.  We were told that this was a fork in the road.  Go the standard way and it would take us a month or take a little traveled shortcut through the mountains and shave the month down to three days.  But the trip was known to others as treacherous.  We were told to speak with a Mr. Smith and he would tell us all about our options. 


When we arrived in Border Town, we found that it was a rowdy place and not the good sort of rowdy with the way that windows shattered and fights were started.  Fortunately, our search took us to a more subdued inn.  Once we figured out who Mr. Smith was we spoke to him about the short cut.  Apparently, it was only a bad idea if you were a large group with heavy things like wagons to travel with.  Since we had no such things, then it shouldn’t be that bad.  We would be traveling through an alkali desert so we would need plenty of water, perhaps horses for transportation, and snow goggles to protect our eyes from the blinding glare of the sands.  We all agreed that it was a fair trade to shave that much time off of our trip.  So, all that remains is buying the supplies and heading out.  Whew!  And now you are finally up to date!  ^_^;


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Aug. 25th, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)
Ah, Aridrim is just so full of emotion. And descriptive about it too! I like the details you put into your writing. Aridrim describing his physical reactions to what's going on is a really nice touch. Like his heart racing when he's exciting or sinking when he's depressed.

It's really quite fun to read things from his perspective. He puts more emotion into what he says and he says it with more of a flourish. And how he reacts to Kass is really cute. The poor guy, just being around Kass sends his emotions through a whirlwind! Ah well, maybe he'll loosen Kass up and keep him from thinking too much.

And yes, Calsundez was a total moron for saying that to Aridrim. I mean, COME ON! Don't even want to know what HE was thinking when he said that. It might hurt my brain!

Anyways, I really enjoyed reading this post. I'm glad you were able to put it up so fast. Whoo!
Aug. 25th, 2007 06:25 am (UTC)
Re: Squee!
Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy reading that makes me. And that icon makes me all giggly! I love detailed you get with exactly what you liked about it. I feel that I tend to be rather generic whenever I comment on your Kass posts. I will attempt to change that! ^_^ Thank you SO much for helping me proof it before and after I posted it. If you ever want help with a Kass post, I am at your service!

I had no idea that it was going to end up this long. Aridrim seems to be getting more and more verbose as time goes on. But, I'm glad that the amount of detail doesn't feel like excess. Yeah, Kass does throw poor Aridrim for a loop. Perhaps Aridrim will be able to loosen Kass up some we shall have to wait and see. He still has the potential to REALLY fuck himself over after all!

I'm glad I was able to belt it out so fast too! I had to split it up over at least 2 days. And afterwards, I actually became worried that I had put inconsistances into it by accident! I'm just glad to see that there was none!

Aug. 27th, 2007 04:30 am (UTC)
HMMM Lets see. EMotion. PEH!! Such a horrible little trait of humanity. So worthless to the abilities of the future.

MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!! *Coughs* Ugh that gets harder and hard to do. Ehh

ANYWAYS!!! ^_^ I love Aridrem. He always gives me such RELISHING ideas. (Just got one for later) Yep I sure did. I also like how he's such a raw nerve sometimes. He appears emotionally controled with only a few outbursts, but he's such a turmoiling rumble of emotion. So it's kinda nice to compare acting and thoughts. Cause it helps get a pull on the charecters.

I hope to read more on him. Yep. ^_^

Pee-Pee: I am glad to be of service sir.
Aug. 29th, 2007 02:17 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it so much. Makes me worried about what you have thought up though. Aridrim can be very open with the people he cares about a lot but he does tend to try and keep a cool head. At least on the surface. Panic does no one any good so he just does his best to stay calm. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I guess it depends on how often certain people hit the right buttons. Take Calsundez this last game. Can we say, last straw? Tee-hee! Anyway, thank you again for commenting and I'm glad that you liked it so much!

Aridrim: (grinning broadly, to Pee-Pee) You are too modest, my good man!
Aug. 29th, 2007 03:00 am (UTC)
Uhhh what did he do this game? I don't remember him doing anything during the Donner Party or house stuff that was bad. *Blinks*

Anyways the change that I talked about, this is what the golem looked like that she's copying. For your reference.


Aug. 29th, 2007 05:31 am (UTC)
It was just at the beginning of the Donner Party part. When he gave Aridrim an angry and repremanding look for saying that he couldn't raise the dead...yet. Remember?

Ah...so that is what dear little "rebellious" Tialith is going to change herself to. She IS cute. Aridrim will be shocked and then probably dismayed. Thinking that he's a terrible parent and that he's failed her.
Aug. 29th, 2007 03:31 pm (UTC)
AWWW the problems with being a parent. Isn't it just adorable. AWWW!!! Cheetos. Hehehehhehehehe. Anyways, thank you for the comments you've left recently. *BOws head*

If you wish my thoughts on what Eiko looks like I posted that up too.

Also we're preparing for AWA so the picture drawing is kinda slow. SOrry.
Aug. 29th, 2007 04:41 pm (UTC)
Cool about Eiko! As for the drawing, that's fine. No worries. Haven't seen anything from anyone else so, not like there is any sense of urgency.
Aug. 29th, 2007 09:25 pm (UTC)
Alright, sorry about that though. Still hoping I'm not super broke when the con actually occurs. Sigh, well ce la vi.
Aug. 30th, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
Good luck with that! But, still make sure you do your best to enjoy the con regardless! When is AWA anyway?
Aug. 30th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
Oh it's September 21st-23rd I believe.
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