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Aridrim's 5th post...whee!

This post of Aridrim's is a little late.  He's soon to be about two games behind if I don't watch it.  It's a long one though.  And I didn't even get through to the latest game like I wanted to.  I was getting worried that it wouldn't all fit on one post since it is more than five and a half pages long!  Anyway, no more delays!
So, close and yet so far from our final destination.  San Francisco is a three day journey away and so much has happened between now and when I last spoke that I am unsure of where to begin.  I guess where I last left off would be best.
We were traveling with a Georgian strike force and conducting raids on the invading New Yorkers with them.  After a few days of fighting beside the Georgians, we had to part ways with them because we were to head to Augusta and they were going to…you know…I do not remember where it was they were going.  I can only hope that they made it to their destination. 
While we were making our way to Augusta, I finally mustered the courage to speak with Kass about what we both learned of his heritage.  We used the thick forest we were traveling through as a screen to allow us privacy.  The last thing I want to do is expose our leader’s fiendish lineage to the rest of the party.  It is not my place to do so.  I finally expressed my concern that by revealing such shocking and dismaying information to him I had unwittingly destroyed the trust and friendship we had developed.  I may want to bed Kass, but honestly…his friendship holds more value to me than simply finding pleasure between the sheets with him.  I do not know exactly when I started to feel this way, but the fact remains that I do.  Besides, if he hates me, I will have him as neither a companion nor a bed partner! 
Anyway, I am digressing from the topic.  Kass seemed truly surprised when I expressed this fear of mine.  He put my heart at ease by telling me that he was not angry at me for telling him the truth.  The only reason he had not been trying to approach me about this was because he wanted to have a moment alone with me to speak about it and the moment never presented itself until I had approached him.  In fact, Kass said that he trusted me very much.  I was so relieved by this and it felt as though a crushing weight was lifted off me at that moment. 
It was then that Kass shocked me by telling me that he actually trusted me enough to drop his customary moon elf guise and reveal his true form to me.  I was overwhelmed with emotion at this point.  To be considered worthy of such deep trust is a great honor and touched me deeply.  But then new emotions shoved aside my elation; fear and unease.  After all, my priestly teachings have told me that creatures of demonic blood usually have a monstrous appearance.  The images that Lady Meiling, my mentor and teacher, showed me of the denizens of the Abyss during my time as an acolyte were truly horrific.  “Oh Sharess,” I thought, “What if dear, sweet Kass looks like one of them?”  I did my best to push those fears to the side.  After all, they were petty and self-serving.  What Kass looked like did not matter compared to the quality of his heart and would have no bearing on our friendship.  I steeled myself for a horrible sight and watched as Kass shifted into his true form.
I could not have been more surprised with the sight that greeted me.  The demonic heritage was definitely there but…it was nothing like what I expected.  His height did not change however the large, black, leathery wings seemed to give the illusion of greater size.  At least I now have the answer to how Kass seems to be such a skilled flyer in avariel form.  His obsidian skin was covered in short, but soft and thick black fur and a spaded tail swayed nervously around behind him.  His long sliver hair flowed down to his well defined rump and framed his delicate and handsome face as his gentle eyes peered at me with worry then surprise at my apparent lack of fear.  Those eyes were the only thing that remained completely unchanged…those sexy amber orbs.  I couldn’t help myself and after I made sure to burn his true appearance into my memory, I approached him to gently hold his chin in one hand.  “You still have those same bedroom eyes,” softly slipped out before I could stop it.  Kass looked confused by this and I couldn’t help but flush slightly in embarrassment. Smooth Aridrim…smooth.  Fortunately, Kass did not question my slip.  Truly though, Kass is gorgeous and I find myself wanting him even more now.
We made sure not to keep the party waiting too long or else someone would have come looking for us.  Once we rejoined them we resumed our trek to Augusta.  The city was under siege by a large force as we approached, however the defenders of the city seemed to have things well in hand as they actually blew up a sizable chuck of the out-skirts of the city to shock and drive the attacking army back.  We were greeted by the leader of the forces, Capt Hill.  He welcomed us into the city after making sure that our motley group was not of the enemy.
Not all of us were strangers to this city.  It is apparently Regald’s home town and Capt Hill gave him the shocking news that his foster parents were dead.  Regald ran to town hall to read the records, in hopes of finding out exactly what happened.  As I was the one that could most easily keep up with him, Kass sent me to keep an eye on him.  Once we were in the town hall, we found documentation which told that Regald’s parents apparently hung themselves.  Regald seemed distressed with this news and I came close to offer comfort before, much to my surprise, he declared “Good,” and left the town hall.  I found myself quite bewildered at this.  As someone who has lost his parents, I’ve never thought of THAT news as something to be glad for.  Regald then explained to me in detail the abuse he had suffered at their hands after they had discovered his lycanthropy.  I was appalled that anyone could do such things to a child and I tried my best to offer solace.  Regald said he was alright and left in apparent thought. 
Later on, Regald revealed that there was more to the story.  Regald’s foster parents eventually had a child of their own blood.  He became jealous and angry from the neglect he was suffering at the hands of the people who had once loved him.  The anger drove him to lash out in the only way he could think of at the time.  He bit the child, cursing him with were-rat lycanthropy, before leaving his family forever.  Now I was appalled with Regald for doing such a thing to an innocent.  I could understand that anger is a powerful thing but to do something to a child whose only crime was being born is not something I can condone or approve of.  Thankfully, Regald seemed genuinely guilty that he had done that and he seemed to want to try and make things right. 
The document had said nothing about what had happened to the child so he began to question the people of the city to try and find out what happened to him.  Missa and I did our best to assist him in this quest.  We eventually found someone who told us that the child was taken from the scene by what appeared to be either a dragon kin or dragon spawn.  I could feel my feathers fluff at the mention of those two races.  Evil through and through was the general consensus about them and the fact that they were related to dragons just got my dander up.  I’ve done my best to accept that there are such things as good dragons, but the word still gets me enraged.  Especially when I know that it is in reference to the evil side of that kind.  The creature was last seen going towards Atlanta so now Regald was anxious to get on the road.  Can’t say I blame him.
When we got to the inn we were going to be staying at, Missa, Tialith and I spotted something that shook me to my core.  A young female avariel.  I have not seen one of my own kind in thirty-two long years and to suddenly see one now nearly brought me to tears.  Missa saw how I looked at her and misunderstood most of my intentions.  She told me to go to her and that she would watch Tialith for me.  With this invitation, I could not refuse, but even as I approached her my nerves were twisting about.  When I got closer her appearance told me she was a teenager so any thought of finally being with one of my own kind fled my mind.  I couldn’t possible have sex with someone that seems to be the same age as my own daughter.  I’m not a pedophile after all. 
Anyway, I approached her and struck up a conversation.  Her name was Mialee and she was from the aerie in Atlanta.  She had been kidnapped from the Aerie of the Snow Eagles several years earlier when she had ventured outside of it and had recently been rescued by the Atlanta aerie.  They were currently making sure that she was fine before they took her home.  When I told her my name was Aridrim she said that she had a cousin by that name but that he was dead.  I felt my muscles stiffen at this but I managed to keep myself from showing this sudden discomfort to her.  I asked what her mother’s name was and I felt my heart stop when she answered with the name “Nulanna”.  Sensible and strong-minded Nulanna had been my eldest cousin and babysitter when I was a fledgling. 
This child before me was of my blood.  She had been born two years after I had left the aerie.  I could not believe it.  I wanted so much to hug her to me, to tell her that her long thought lost cousin was standing before her, but cold reality reminded me of my place.  I am a failure; a disgrace to my family.  I couldn’t protect my mother and father when they needed me the most.  I failed them completely and I can not face my family with such dishonor and bring shame to them.  It is better for them that I am dead as far as they are concerned.  Until I have righted my wrongs through my own abilities, I must bear my dishonor alone. 
So, I kept silent about our shared bloodline.  We enjoyed the rest of day together.  I asked her if she knew if her mother was safe and sadly she said that she didn’t.  I can only hope that dear Nulanna has not befallen her daughter’s fate.  Mialee asked why I was so kind to her at one point during the day.  I struggled for an appropriate answer, but could only come up with “Because I haven’t seen another avariel in so long.”  Fortunately it was enough for her as she questioned me no further on this.  Before we parted ways, she told me to visit her on Kennesaw Mountain in Atlanta when I got to the city.  I promised her that I would definitely make a point of it. 
After we took a couple of days to buy supplies we began our journey to Atlanta.  On the way there, Capt Hill’s scouts spotted a half-elf in what appeared to be a mess with a pack of gnolls.  My party quickly moved out to try and render aid.  When we got there however we soon discovered that we were basically un-needed as the half-elf took out the gnolls surrounding her with her bare hands.  Another gnoll was sent flying out of building by whoever else was in the building during the battle, making for a rather chaotic scene.  Once the dust cleared, we were greeted with a clear view of the gnoll’s assailant; a dragon kin.  I couldn’t help but put a bead on the thing with my crossbow as soon as I saw it.  Even after it was proven to me that the creature was good I could not get myself to relax.  It is so hard to think of a dragon kin, a normally chaotically evil being, as good and living the lawful life of a monk.  The dragon kin told us his name was Vrak and soon it was discovered that he was the one that had taken Regald’s foster brother after his parents had died.  The child, now a teenager, was taken to a monastery in Bentonville, Texas. 
As for the half-elf monk that was with Vrak, she suddenly sprang upon Lenn who was hiding in the bushes.  She then proceeded to strip Lenn, checking her for injuries.  Thus was my first meeting with Kosame, Lenn’s spouse.  Apparently, they had fallen in love and gotten each other pregnant with the use of a false penis.  Oops, ne?  I felt bad for being rude to her, but I was still on edge thanks to Vrak.  I can only hope that I made it up to her and Lenn later when I ‘repaid’ Lenn for my ranger training at their Atlanta home.  I was disappointed that my stamina was so lacking, but they insist that I managed to please them both quite well. 
Soon after that encounter, we arrived in Atlanta.  All I can say about that place is DAMN what a weird city!  It was an elven paradise on the outside of the city, absolutely breathtaking.  The inside was the exact opposite of the outside as it was filled to the brim with a nightmarish amount of gnomish technology.  I have no objection to technology; I just found the stark contrast giving me headaches.  I AM an elf after all.  So, I tended to try and stay in the elven part of the city.  I thank Sharess that we chose an inn within the elven part.  I guess Kass found the gnome center headache-making as well!
With Kass’ permission, I used the opportunity this large city offered to enhance my crossbow so we had to stay there for several days.  While we were waiting, I wanted to go see the avariels that lived on Kennesaw Mountain, but I found myself shaking with such nervousness that I could not go by myself.  After a few days, I found the courage to ask Kass to accompany me and to my delight and surprise he agreed!  Once there, I first took care of the business that caused me to want to come to there in the first place.  I really didn’t get much new information, aside from the relieving news that Home was not compromised, but I was able to give them the information that I had acquired so that made me feel as though I had contributed. 
The most startling revelations occurred when Kass and I went to visit Mialee.  We had dinner and spoke of many things.  While exploring the center room of her home, I discovered a memorial plaque.  It had my name and my father’s name on it; however it lacked my mother’s name.  When I questioned her about it, I almost collapsed into tears of relief and pain.  Mother…Mother is alive.  She did not die that day the white dragon attacked us.  However, she had gone missing shortly before Mialee was kidnapped.  I can only hope that she is all right.  However, I can’t shake a feeling of dread.  Nor can I shake the feeling that I abandoned my mother.  She too must have been going through a similar agony as I, thinking that she alone survived.  I find myself wondering how she made it, but then, I think it doesn’t matter.  She is alive and I will find her just as surely as I will try to bring Father back.  That promise I made myself couldn’t keep me from breaking down in Kass’ arms that night, though. 
Despite the bittersweet news I received, I truly enjoyed being able to be with my own kind again.  How I long for the Aerie was more apparent than ever during my time with them.  I made sure to soak up every moment.  And I certainly took very much advantage of this chance to spend more time with Kass.  I am not exactly certain as to why, but I find myself wanting to be with him more.  To please him in any way I can.  This usually results in my lavishing him with attention and compliments and our time together at the Kennesaw Aerie was no different. 
When we left the aerie, I found my naughty, sexual side rearing its head as I followed behind Kass.  Damn, he has such a nice ass.  I so longed to touch it.  Suddenly, an idea occurred to me and I seized upon it.  I rushed up behind him and patted that nice, firm rump as I called out “TAG! You’re it,” before shooting past.  I was shocked and horrified as Kass just suddenly plummeted from the sky!  I dove and caught him in a panic…only to be tagged back before he slipped away.  The little trickster had fooled me into thinking he was actually falling out of the sky.  And thus a delightful and utterly pleasurable game of aerial tag began.  I felt like a kid again and I could tell that Kass found pleasure in it too, which only made me feel happier.
Once back at the inn I sought out Regald and Missa, whom I had left Tialith in the care of.  When I saw Tialith, I became worried because she looked like she was feeling down.  I suspected that the reason for this was because I hadn’t come home last night so it looked like I would have some explaining to do.  Regald explained to me that he and Missa had taken Tialith to a library where she had asked for him to read a book on golems.  This surprised me as she has never really expressed an interest in golems so I wondered at the change.  When Regald mentioned that she lacked an interest in learning about demons I blurted out “I would hope not!”  I immediately regretted my words as I saw Kass suddenly get this unreadable expression on his face before quietly walking away.  I quickly asked them to humor me and take care of Tialith for just a moment longer before trying to catch up with dear Kass to try and sooth any injures I had inadvertently caused him. 
I managed to follow him to his room where I asked to speak with him.  He allowed it and I apologized for my rudeness.  He tried to brush it off and say he was fine.  He even said that he couldn’t blame me for not wanting Tialith to learn of demons as they were vile things.  Suddenly before I could stop myself, I found myself saying “If the existence of demons means that you were born, then I am thankful that they exist.”  I could feel my face turn red hot after uttering those words.  Kass’ puzzled and bizarre expression told me that I had not simply imagined myself saying those words.  I’ve never been so embarrassed with myself.  That was about as smooth as a pine cone, Aridrim.  After that, I did the only thing I could think of at the time.  I excused myself and left the room, leaving poor Kass to probably think that I had hit my head hard somewhere. 
Later on that evening, I ran into Missa again.  She told me that when she and Regald had taken Tialith to the library, she had noticed a flesh golem that had been dumped into the alleyway.  Apparently Tialith had seen it too because she seemed a bit off afterwards and even more so after requesting and listening to the book on golems.  I immediately became worried.  My poor, precious Tialith…Sharess knows what that sight must have done to her.  When she and I got back to our room, I noticed little drops of blood on her pillow.  These only made me more worried that something was wrong with her.  
I tried to talk with her and as I spoke with her, my concerned was validated.  She realizes that she is different now and she thinks that she has more in common with that golem she saw than with a normal person.  She’s believes that she IS in fact a golem, I can tell.  I tried, desperately, to convince her that this was not so.  That she was special and unique.  I felt as though I were chasing my non-existent tail.  She questioned everything that I told her and no fact was solid enough to convince her that she was not a golem.  I found myself frustrated and at a loss for what to do.  In the end, all I could do to answer her question of why I thought that she was not golem was say that it was my faith in her told me so.  I know; a very biased statement but it was the only thing I could come up with.  I know that she is not a golem.  What proof do I have?  None.  I just know that no golem acts like her.  No golem grows mentally and develops like her.  She is special and precious to me.  She is no golem.  She is my daughter.  I can only hope that, through my love for her, I can convince her to believe that as well.
Sadly, it seems that I must cut my story short for now.  Please forgive me for this.  I promise I will continue another day.  Trust me…I always keep my word.



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Aug. 16th, 2007 08:19 pm (UTC)
*Sits in a chair, smoking from a long pipe* Yare Yare Yare, what a full plate one has. *Grins and takes a drag* Lets see.

You do have a few gramatical errors, but that's not overtly detrimonious to the story, so it's not a huge deal. It's interesting and hard to put so much information down, so don't worry about the shortness. It was certaintly long enough for me. *NOds*

It's interesting to see the slow development. I gather that Kalanzar and Vince had similar experiences before we met them. So the thought put into development of relationships. (Whatever occurs with it) Is rather neat. Especcially since Prez does Kas's thoughts on it as well. So it's kinda a double edged thing.

Poor little Tialith and her papa. The problems of self discovery and self awareness. *Shrugs one shoulder.* It's a tough thing to deal with in life. Yep. Well hope to see the next installment soon. *Winks*
Aug. 16th, 2007 08:37 pm (UTC)
Errors? What errors? "I" do not make errors. (giggles a bit) Actually I do and I was not surprised that you saw them. They are gone now, thanks to Prez's help. So hard to proof your own writing. Thank you for your insight and I'm glad that you seemed to have enjoyed it! Shortness he says. I thought it was way longer than I had thought it would be. It was only the first page on the outline I made!
Aug. 16th, 2007 08:52 pm (UTC)
Squee! I so enjoyed reading this...and helping you correct some typos. And from one of the people who is writing the thoughts of the other character on the developing relationship I must say it's very interesting. In some ways it's more fun than it was to create Vince and Kalanzar's relationship. It makes me wonder if this is anything like what co-authors experience when they write a book.

Anyways, I really enjoy how Aridrim's personality shines through his thoughts and how he reflects back on his actions. His self-chastisement is a really human characteristic. I mean, who among us (realistically) hasn't gone, "What was I DOING back there!?"

I also like how you put in details that I don't have and such. I'm really bad about remembering details and this way it's easier to see a more complete picture of what's going on in the story. Which is very cool. The complete picture and the story that is. Hmm, I think I'm going to have to start putting our posts about this world into a special category in my memories. Just so it's easier to find them all in roughly one spot.

And yes, he'd better continue. I want to read the rest, damn it!
Aug. 16th, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm so happy that you liked it! I was worried that his post sounded off because I didn't use the usual (insert action here) statements about what he was physically doing while talking. I feel similarly about Vince and Kalanzar's relationship. Sometimes I wish we had gotten this idea with them. It would have been great. And when it comes to details, I honestly tend to look back at your posts to help me remember them. They give me just the right kick to "Oh yeah! That's right!" ^_^

I so love that icon! It's so CUTE!
Aug. 16th, 2007 09:11 pm (UTC)
Did Prez just sqeee? *Blinks* My my my. Yes it's a blurb it's so short. OH MY!!! And yeah editors helping is always fun. And I didn't seem to enjoy. I DID ENJOY!!! WHOOOO!!!

By the way, yes it is how co-authors feel. I've done it a few times and it's great to put two heads together. Very fun. Glad my RP has gotten such a good discussion and cooperation working together. ^_^ And always remember that the writer is rarely able to correctly place their writings. Sometimes what we think is the worst is our best. Artists and writers are bad judgements that way. *Shrugs*

And if ya all need any details, then I am more than willing to help remember. I am GOD!!! Ehh I mean DM. Yes DM......

And I concur, he'd better continue. I want to read the rest as well, DAMN IT!!!! *Takes drag from pipe* AHHH!! THATS WHAT I NEED!!! YES!! *Writes it down* FOr Jiraiya. I need the pipe. He has one. YES!!!
Aug. 17th, 2007 03:30 pm (UTC)
I'm very glad that you liked it! It pleases me to no end to hear that some people give a damn about what I am writing.

As for the artist and writers being bad judges of their own work, that is so true. Just look at Arika Toriyama of Dragon Ball. He has actually said that he DOES NOT want to be remembered for creating DBZ. He says that he has not yet created his ultimate work. And you've seen how incredibly popular DB and DBZ is!
Aug. 17th, 2007 03:50 pm (UTC)
Yep. So... sigh I want to use the scary house........ -_- and Dani canceled. Sigh.....................................

Well catching up will be easier. WHOO!!!!

And what is he working on now? Cause uhh DB and DBZ were kinda over in the early 90's right?
Aug. 17th, 2007 05:17 pm (UTC)
Well, I wasn't sure what he is working on now until I looked it up. Apparently, the most recent ANIME he has worked on was a collaboration cross over with the creator of One Piece. It was called "Cross Epoch" in 2006. CURRENTLY though he is helping with the production of an anime for Blue Dragon. He says it will be his final anime.
Aug. 17th, 2007 05:53 pm (UTC)
Well lets hope that's his finest peice of he won't be happy. Did he say why he's retiring from anime?
Aug. 17th, 2007 06:30 pm (UTC)
Actually I just read his quote more carefully. He said that it MAY be his final anime.

"The offer to direct an animated version of Blue Dragon came in February of last year. Studio Pierrot approached me regarding it. I knew that Sakaguchi had been working on assembling staff to produce a game, although at the time Blue Dragon hadn't yet been formally announced. According to the materials, it was to be a fantasy world like Lord of the Rings, with a detailed world view and story.

This may be my final anime, I'm a little worried (about it). There's incredible pressure, but at the same time, there's a sense of accomplishment — that it's worth doing. Blue Dragon will be a masterpiece, not simply because I'm working hard on it, but because the staff is expecting nothing less.[6]"

website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akira_Toriyama

But, yes...must hope that it will be his finest piece or he will never be satistfied.

Aug. 17th, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC)
He might not be satisfied anyhow. Remember how some people are just impossible to please. *Shrugs*
Aug. 19th, 2007 04:22 pm (UTC)
Yes, yes. Very true indeed! As for using the house on poor Dani...don't worry. Unless something happens I'm sure next Saturday is a go. ^_^ Hopefully I will have Aridrim's next post by then.
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