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In case you didn't know...

...I went to Madawaska, Maine for about 10 days to visit with my family up there and I'm back now!  Technically been back for about a week and a half, I just haven't had a chance to post!  ^_^;  

Maine is a beautiful state.  At least the location I went to was beautiful.  Ah, the Saint John Valley.  Being surrounded on all sides by towering hills lined with thousands of trees and every so often a break in the trees to make room  for the cleared fields of potato farms is such a different feeling than I get here.  So much more peaceful and relaxed.  As for "the land of the porcupine" itself, there is nothing like a small town to make you appreciate what you have in a big city and at the same time make you realize just what you lose in that same big city.  A grocery store, a K-Mart, a McDonald's, a Subway (That's new!  Wasn't there last year...), a RiteAid, a couple dozen small privately owned businesses, and the rest are houses all centered around a paper mill and a Catholic church.  That's it.  No mall, no Sears, no Burger King, no Applebees, NO WAL-MART...nothing open beyond 9 pm.  But...what they do have is a closeness that the big city lacks.  Everyone knows everyone.  They still leave their houses unlocked during the day and don't lock their cars at ALL!  In fact that is the best way to tell if someone is not from the area...they lock their cars.  (timidly raises hand after this)  I'm sure I was very obvious because I found that I could not NOT lock my car doors I've become so used to it.  And one other thing they have that I don't here is a stunning view of Canada just across the Saint John river.  How many of us can say, "I can stand on Main Street and peer into another country"?  Hell, many of them have family in Canada.  Myself included thanks to my parents being from that small town.  In fact, every year that I have gone to Madawaska, I've gone into New Brunswick, Canada.  

This year was a treat because I got to see even more family that I did last year.  Every year at the time I go, the town has the Acadia Festial.  Basically a celebration of those people that left Canada to live in the US.  Btw, Acadian is where you get the word Cajun.  Cajuns are just Acadians that went further south! ^_^  Anyway, during the festial, one of the founding families of the towns in the area gets celebrated and they have a family reunion.  Many years ago it was my father's family...THIS year it was my mother's!  So, I got to see people I didn't know as well as people that I hadn't seen in many, many years.  I also got a t-shirt with my mother's family crest on it.  I managed to resist wearing it to visit my father's family though.  ^_~ 

This year the only disappointment was the weather.  You see, usually at the time of year I go the weather is heavenly.  It's about 80-85 degrees, sunny, and clear skies.  Heaven.  THIS year it was cloudy and not very warm.  There where a few days that it rained and one day where it downpoured in a thunderstorm that just rocked your soul with its booming.  On the days that we did have sun, it was so windy that you could swear that Mother Nature was trying to rip the clothes off of you.  Though it was rather neat to be inside my Memere's (Grandmother's) house and actually hear the wind howling and whistling around outside.

Though I suspect that because of all the rain, I got to see more wildlife when I went 4 wheeling (ATV) on one of the few good days with my aunt.  I actually got to see a loon and a beaver at the same time.  Even got to video tape them.  Wonderful experience.  Then on the way back to my memere's house I got a scary experience as I actually saw a moose on the side of the road, just standing there.  It's was huge!  And in Maine, they have a nasty habit of being unpredictable.  In fact a lot of people have died up there from hitting a moose with their cars because the animal decided to just walk out in front of them.  Fortunately, the moose I saw decided to just stay put and let me pass without incident.  Scared the hell out of me but it still was a awesome experience.  You never realize just how impressively large they are until you actually see one.  

Now, sadly, I must get back to work.  This post ended up much longer than I planned and I really need to set up a machine for tomorrow.  Not to mention I really want to see how my data from today looks so I can see if what I did actually worked or if I'm just spinning my wheels!  See ya!


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Jul. 12th, 2007 08:22 pm (UTC)
YAY!! I get to do on here what I can never do in real life. *Tackle glomps* WHOO!!! Cause in real life I'd knock you over. Welcome back to hot and humid Georgia. Though that small town in Maine does sound nice.

WHOO!!! Also uhhh I forgot Prez's number. I memorized yours, but can't remember Prez's and uhhh O_O I kinda didn't get emails back and... well now that I know youa re back, maybe I'll call you and see. Or something. No idea. WHEE!!!
Jul. 16th, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
Apparently Mother Nature is a pervert if she's trying to rip your cloths off (she hasn't been getting any lately I guess). Any ways, I'm glad you had a good time up there despite the weather. Kudos to unique experiences!
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