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Aridrim...thinking too much

     He hates me.  That's all I can think about whenever I see him now.  We haven't spoken about what we both learned that day I told him his ancestry.  I WANT to talk more about it, but I'm afraid.  Afraid that if I bring up too much....speak too boldly....he'll hate me forever.  So, I've been keeping my distance, hoping that when he wants to talk about it he'll approach me.  I'm really the only one he has to talk to about this.  Unless he decides to announce it to the rest of the party and I honestly don't think he will do that any time soon.

     Even I am unsure of how they will react.  Tialith, she'll accept him no matter what.  I don't believe she even understands the concept of evil let alone that normally certain creatures are inherently evil.  Missa?  I'm not sure.  She's flexible so she may be fine or she may not.  Calsundez?  No way.  If he's half as self-righteous about smiting demons as he is about smiting undead then Kass-kun is in serious trouble.  Regald...has no room to talk.  During one of the skirmishes we fought in with the Georgians against the invading New Yorkers (long story, read Kass' post on  [info]prezaurian's LJ for details) we witnessed him transform into a dire rat...and most of us already knew that he's a tiefling.  Talk about fucked over!  Most people assume that tieflings are as vile as the demons or devils that they descended from but to also have lycanthropy on top of that?  I should not be so surprised that lay-folk like his parents appear to have abused him as a child.  Anyway, if anyone can understand Kass's situation it's Regald.  Lenn....Lenn I have no clue how she would react.  Though right now, I doubt she would give a damn about it.  This is her homeland that we are battling for.  She's more focused on protecting it.  Not to mention I'm sure that she's stressed to the nines about how her family in Atlanta is doing.  I know I would be if it were my family.

     So, I try to be patient and wait, but all I can see...are my feathers spontaneously shedding from the stress I'm putting myself under.  I'll start showing bald spots and hampering my flying at this rate.  I must speak with him as soon as possible for our friendship's sake and my health’s sake.  Now I just need a moment to do so.  

     I must be becoming a worry wart because even Tialith is starting to worry me.  What did she mean when she signed to me that the asparagus only comes out at midnight?  And she has to be hallucinating if she believes that a penis is growing out of her forehead!  

     (deep, heavy sigh as he watches a feather fall off his wing and drift to the ground)  Goddess, I need a good fuck.



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Jun. 11th, 2007 06:29 pm (UTC)
Well...he did eventually get that good fuck.... If that's any consolation to Aridrim. It's a shame that Aridrim seems to be worrying all the time. He's really not the sort that should have to worry.

Any ways, cute and funny. And praise to good grammar!
Jul. 13th, 2007 09:41 pm (UTC)
I think it's interesting, and yeah for a very caring guy, he sure does worry alot. Poor Poor Aridrem. *Cackles then coughs* Oh sorry that must have been... uhh the chicken I had last night. Yeah that's it. Anyways, it was enjoyable to a tee, though I had to remember what space of time it took place in for a moment.
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