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The Continuing Journey of Aridrim

     I apologize for my unpleasurable outburst last time.  I was, and in many ways still am, distressed about losing the friendship of Kass.  (starts to get very emotional again at the memory but manages to calm down)  I must not allow myself to think like that.  I, honestly, do not know yet how Kass feels.  He may yet be able to forgive me.  But I promised that I would speak of other important things, so I will try to put the topic of Kass being a half-fiend to the side.

     There were several moments of interest that happened last time I spoke.  The first thing that occurred was that I awoke one morning to find my lower half covered in blood.  I immediately became concerned and checked to make sure that I didn't somehow hurt myself during my trance.  When I discovered that I was not the one bleeding but my precious Tialith was I could not contain my panic.  She was hurt and I had no idea how to repair her.  For the second day in a row, my party was awoken to my panic-filled screams.  Once we found out what was going on, I have never felt so embarrassed.  I caused a scene...over the start of her cycle.  Even though I had no way of knowing that would happen as golems normally don't have a cycle, I still felt incredibly foolish.  I'm not some no-nothing child...I should have considered that.  And I certainly should not have panicked like I did.  Panic solves nothing.  Kass cast Prestidigitation to clean us both up and then I had to sit down and give Tialith-chan her first real sex talk.  She seemed pretty excited that what happened meant that she could have babies.  I still have mixed feelings.  All I can do is show her how to use birth control when she gets more mature.  I'm happy that she is happy, but I can't help but worry about her health and safety.  

     Soon afterwards, Missa and Calsundez teleported to Japan to leave their little ones in the hands of Missa's family.  I'm sure that they will be raised well and this way both parents can be assured of their safety.  As a parent myself, I can understand how that knowledge must be something of a relief.  After they returned, the others began to customize certain rooms on the ship we have.  I ended up kicking myself as I realized that because I had spent almost all of my money outfitting myself and Tialith we didn't have the funds to even convert one of the rooms into a couple of bedrooms.  (chuckles bitterly)  We were going to have to sleep in our bedrolls the entire trip from South Africa to North America.  One day I was sitting at the table in our room at the inn counting mine and Tialith's slim finances...desperately trying to work out a way to eek out a bedroom from the small stacks of gold and silver...when Calsundez approached me and offered to let me borrow some of his gold so that we could afford to get a bedroom.  This shocked me.  I never expected that the dragon would offer up some of his hoard.  Especially to me.  I considered accepting but I did not.  I promise you that it wasn't because I don't particularly like him.  I was already 10,000 gold pieces in debt with Lenn and I didn't want to owe too many people at once.  Plus...it was all I could do to swallow my pride to ask Lenn for money...there was no way I could do the same with Calsundez.  

     I guess Kass saw how I was struggling too because he asked Calsundez to return to Japan and sell the rod of fury we had acquired from our battle with a small orc horde.  He then gave the gold from it to me to spend on Tialith's behalf.  I knew that he was going to do this, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon so I was very happy with this.  I immediately paid for a room to be made into two bedrooms and also bought Tialith some better equipment.  I'm going to have to make sure that if we sell this boat, Tialith gets at least 1,300 gold because that is what she put into it.

     Once the renovations were complete we set sail to North America.  Ten days into our journey we came across a yacht that seemed to be adrift.  Kass and I checked it out.  I discovered that it wasn't abandoned like we had thought, but rather had two people inside.  I could not see one, and did not recognize the other, though she seemed to know me as she said my name as I was leaving and I know I did not give it to her.  When I told Kass what had occurred he wanted to steer clear of it.  A wise decision.  However, because she had invited us over for a shark dinner, Missa was practically rabid in her desire to go.  Regald, our nearly constant drunken bard, decided he wanted to go over there too.  His reasons were much less evident than Missa's.  I think he just has a death wish.  We all ended up going because of those two.  I was not about to abandon my companions...and apparently neither was Kass and Calsundez.  Honestly, I thought that Calsundez would have been itching to go to the other ship...if only to see if we had a fight on our hands...but he did not seem gung-ho at all.  Surprised me yet again.  As for Tialith, she would have been upset if I had insisted that she stay behind so I let her come as well.  Besides, if we did get into a fight, she is one of our strongest fighters.

     I didn't recognize the pretty young girl that was our hostess.  She was very friendly and had beautiful blue eyes.  We soon discovered who we were guests of when our charming hostess had her sense of self ripped from her the moment her master woke up.  She became the lifeless shell we had all come to know and detest.  Hans Gunther's little necromantic lackey.  It was devastating to watch her become that mindless drone he treats like a tool.  We left their company soon after.  Hans invited us to visit his summer home in South America, but we politely declined.  The last place I want to be is on Hans' home turf.  Though, he did apologize to me for being rude when telling me about my people's current state of enslavement.  He offered all the information he had about those who were selling them to the dragons as slaves.  I thanked him because, after all, any good information will no doubt help me and my people.  I don't care who it comes from as long as it will help my people.  Soon after, we departed from his ship and peacefully went our separate ways.  We definitely try not to pick a fight with Hans.  He's as evil as the denizens of hell and the abyss....but...he's too powerful for us.  At least right now.  The information was a contract that he had made with the enslavers.  It told me the location that I could find these monsters.  They are in the exact opposite direction that we are heading.  Well, hopefully, once we have finished our business in California I can convince my party to assist me.

     Ten days after our encounter with Hans we had a very rude awakening as our main cannon fired.  We all rushed to the top deck to find that our ship was engaged in a very one-sided battle with three pirate ships.  Our captain herself was a pirate and we were caught in the middle of a pirate war.  My party and I refused to take part in the battle aside from making sure no one was able to board our ship.  Despite what was happening all I could feel was relief that we were attacking other ocean scum and not some innocent civilian ship.  Calsundez managed to successfully shock me yet again when he dove into the water and began to heal some of the injured enemy.  Normally, in a fight, I do not show mercy to my enemy.  Evil should be killed quickly...and that quickness should be the only mercy it receives.  However, these poor souls were not my enemy so they did deserve mercy.  I may have to do some...re-evaluating when it comes to Calsundez.  We shall see.

     Soon after we reached the coast of South America.  Almost to our destination.  We stop long enough to sell the last of our treasure from the orc horde.  I'm not broke any more!  But that won't last long.  I have plans for this money.  And I also need to buy Tialith some improved equipment as well.  We soon left the port and continued our journey.  Late one night, most of us were witness to an amazing, yet t
errifying spectacle.  Out in the jungle a beam of light shot straight up into the sky.  Soon afterwards huge pure white wings spread out above the forest.  They were beautiful, the envy of any avariel.  Suddenly the wings turned ashen and black as their folded in on themselves and then disappeared into the night.  I felt a chill run down my spine.  I don't know what it was.  But, I'm a certain it was evil....and FAR beyond anything I had encountered before.  I wanted to go check out what was happening...but Kass didn't want to.  He said that it was too dangerous.  I believe him.  I hate that I didn't go look, but what good would it have done?  If it was evil, which I'm sure it was, I would not have been able to handle it and I would have just thrown my life away.  I can't do that.  I have someone to take care of.  And a goal that I must achieve before I die.  Something tells me that Hans is somehow behind what we saw...and if he is...we will find out what it was soon enough.

     And now we are at where I began in my previous entry.  I can only hope that I have not bored you.  For now, that is all that I have.  Hopefully my next entry will have good news about my relationship with Kass.  May Sharess watch over me.


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Mar. 16th, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
Hehehe Aridrim's views are always fun to read. Though a few typos. WHAT!!!! I just had to say it. HAD TO!! It was boiling inside my gut to explode.
Mar. 16th, 2007 04:16 pm (UTC)
Perhaps you should try beano sakraida82?

Anyways, nice. It's interesting to see what other characters thought of the exact same events, CV. Different interpretations are always interesting.
Mar. 16th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you Prez and sakraida82! I appreciate the thoughts. And I agree with you that it is interesting to hear how other people very the exact same events!

Oh...shouldn't be any more typos. I just corrected some. That's what I get for trying to hurry up and write it all late at night. Hopefully I got them all! Thank
Mar. 20th, 2007 02:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah gotta be helpful ya know. hehehehe now I just have to wait to see what charecters thought of the craziness of this Saturday. *Waits like a good little boy*
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