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I've been tagged for a meme!  Yay!  Double tagged actually! 

I was tagged with my all-time favorite character...Vegeta and his little brother Tarble who was recently introduced into the official DBZ universe thanks to a new special done for the 40th anniversary of Shonen Jump. 

(heavy sarcasm)  Vegeta just looks SO thrilled that Tarble's there, doesn't he?  It's like he's thinking "Oh God, why did you have to show up when EVERYONE was in one place?"  Such a typical big brother reaction to little brother crashing the party!

Anyway!  Let's get to it! 

1. Do you like this character?

Vegeta - ...Do I like this character?  Do "I" like THIS character?!  That's like asking if I like to breath or if I like to eat!?  YES I like this character!  I LOVE this character.  That's why he's in my user name...and my emaill address!  Both my personal email addresses! 

Tarble - (laughs)  Tarble is just too cute NOT to like.  You don't get to see him that much in the special, but he just comes off as a little sweetie.

2. What name/s do you call this character?
Names?  Let see...for Vegeta I use things like "Veggie"...."Veggie-chan"..."Vegeta-cha" (inside joke with me and Prez)..."Flamehead"...Weggie-poo (another name created during a conversation with Prez)(turns pink)..."Damn Sexy".   OK, I'll stop now. ^^;  As for Tarble...I really don't have a nickname for him so I just call him Tarble.

3. What image-color do you associate with this character?
For Vegeta, I have two colors that I associate with him.  Royal blue...because of how often he wears that color.  And red...because of how fiery his personality is.  As for Tarble, I imagine a more soothing color for him...like a sky blue. 

4. What image/song do you associate with this character?
>_<  OK, I went into entirely too much detail for this.  I had to refresh my memory on some of my English songs because it's been far to long since I listened to them!  BUT, I figured it out!  :D  Each character gets two songs.  One for them...and one for their feelings about their respective wives.  Most of them are country songs, but then I listened to alot of country.  Not so much anymore, but still, some of my favorite songs are country ones.  So, non-country liker...bear with me and my links.  ^_^

First Vegeta:  For his relationship with Bulma, I think that the song "Help Me Fall" by Mark Wills.  It just sounds too much like something Vegeta would be thinking.  I'm sorry the link is just for the lyrics.  I couldn't find the song on Youtube. 
As for Vegeta's personality, I think that "Pissed Off and Mad About It" by the Texas Hippie Coalition sums it up really well!  Believe it or not, this is NOT a country song.  :D 

Now Tarble:  Again, we don't really find out much about Tarble...and even less about his wife, Gure.  But considering how...different she is from him I felt I had to use "Unusually Unusual" by Lonestar for what he thinks of her.  And considering how alien she LOOKS, I can only imagine how alien she BEHAVES! 
Finally for his personality, he just seems like the kinda guy that really doesn't want to fight but will as needed so I couldn't resist when I remembered "The Coward of the County" by the legendary Kenny Rodgers.  I know that Vegeta says that Tarble couldn't fight and that's why he was sent away, but still, if you can't fight...you usually don't WANT to fight either. 

5. What blood-type do you think this character is? 
For Vegeta, the best first was type O.  For Tarble, the best fit was type A.  Wow...I have nothing else to type on this?!  ^^;

6. What character do you like to put this character with? 
Oh, with Vegeta the yaoi fan-girl in me pairs him with Raditz (thank you, Prezaurian), Goku, Yamcha (again, thanks Prez) and sometimes Brolly if I'm feeling especially wrong.  As for poor, little Tarble...I can't think of anyone yet.  Though Yamcha x Tarble might be cute.  XD

7. What would you want to say to this character?
For Vegeta, I believe I would be would have to ask him one question..."Why do you seem to hate Yamcha so much?"
As for Tarble, I would probably would like to ask how he met Gure!  I mean, he's married to the most bizarre woman of any of the Saiya-jin!  I'd want to know how that happened and what brought them together! 

8. Which do you want to do with this character: Shake hands, hug, or kiss?

For both of them...fuck hugging!  I would want to GLOMP THEM WITH GLEEEEEE!  And I would probably die very quickly there after as a flustered and embarrassed Vegeta blasted me to my grave, but, oh, I would die happy!  :D

9. Please choose 5 friends with your choice of character

Well, most of my friend have already been tagged...but here we go...

First, I promised sakraida82  I would give him something so I give him...Lime from Saber Marionette J.
I know you've been tagged three times already but prezaurian  I give you Raditz!
mythos_9 if you would be so kind to humor me with Spike from Cowboy Bebop!
danihana  I believe that Harley Quinn might be entertaining for both of us!
And finally _gerald ...something fun and hopefully easy since it will your second time if you choose to do this....the Joker.  When it comes to you and Dani I'd better pick in pairs!  ^_^

Of course, any can choose not to do this at all!  I certainly ain't going to throw a hissy about it!  It's supposed to be for fun after all!  ^w^


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May. 2nd, 2009 11:10 pm (UTC)
You know what.... HOW DID HE END UP WITH HER FOR A WIFE!!!?/ That's an excellent question I hadn't thought of, but should have. And I thought you hated breathing and eating. ^_^ hehehehhe

And thanks for tagging me. :p Though, how does this meme work again? I am not that good with Meme's, but want to return stuff done for me. .
May. 4th, 2009 12:55 am (UTC)
(laughs) Oh, all you really need to do is copy the meme, paste it where you make a new post on your journal, delete my answers and replace them with your. Easy enough, ne? ^_^
May. 4th, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC)
Oh okie, will remember that. *Nods* Gotta go work on it soon.
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