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"Fun" and "Quiz" Meme

This is a meme that my best bud, prezaurian</lj> , created.  SO here it is!  Apparently, I have two most often used tags!  I suspect "Fun" is about to have the most soon thanks to this!  ^_^  If you want to do this, here is the instruction!

Post this meme on your LJ.  For it's title, use the tag you've used most often.  If there is a tie between your tags, list both in the title. 

If your tags show up on your journal there's an easy way of figuring out which you use most.  Just hover your pointer over each tag and it will give you the number of times you've used it (or it will just be the tag with the largest sized font). 

If your tags don't show up on your journal, it's a bit harder.  Go to your 'Manage Tags' page under 'Journal'.  In the list you can click on each tag and it will tell you how many times you've used it (and in what kinds of posts) to the side.  This seems like a lot of work to me so I wouldn't suggest this meme if your tags aren't obviously listed on your journal.

If you tend to think too much this might actually tell you a little something about yourself.  But I suggest you don't think too much on it...it IS just a meme after all!