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The movie one tried to tell me that I was Frenzy!  D:  I don't even know how I got that.  

I couldn't get the HTML to work for this...so I just copied it directly from the page.  Here's the link though.  I suspect that I'm the last one in my little circle to take this though.  ^_^;

"You are Prowl. Quiet, loyal, logical and you have the patience of Job. Good for you. You are a brilliant problem solver as long as it's not an illogical situation. If so, you are lost. You don't have much of an imagination. You are friendly, but not too sociable. You listen more than you talk. Rock on with your thinkin' self."

I've never even heard of this guy, though I do admit to my lack of knowledge in Transformer things.  He looks cool though.  :D