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Content Strike? Count me in!

I just found out about this whole thing and quite frankly it really riled me up.  Especially this guy's attitude towards the users of LJ in this interview.  He clearly doesn't give a DAMN about this site and only sees it as a way to make money at the expense of censoring other peoples right to free speech.  I'm with my dear friends on this.  In fact, after this post, don't expect me to even show up on this site until next week.  

LJ IS content driven.  I, myself, use it to post my RPG characters thoughts and it pisses me off that Aridirm may be censored because some bigoted prick decided that his bisexual tendencies are not allowable on my LJ.  Despite the fact that I PAID for the right to do that.  I will go with this boycott.  And if something is not done to change things, then if anyone I know asks me how LJ is, I will tell them..."It's a waste of time, don't bother."  See how much money they will make without ANY hits on their site.

The details about the boycott can be found here.


Join up!  Help me save my right to type up and read Yaoi!