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February 20th, 2015

Sure is dusty around here...

Wow.  I haven't been on here in over five years.  Doesn't seem that long ago that I was on here every day.  It sure has changed!  Looks like I've got a lot to relearn.  ^_^;

I'll be completely honest and say that as excited as I am to be back, the reasoning isn't quite as joyous as I'd like it to be.  You see, in the last couple of years, I've gotten back to my fandom roots and rekindled my love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The new cartoon on Nickelodeon is very much to 'blame' because it is amazingly done and if you haven't seen it yet SHAME ON YOU!  XD  The new show also did something very important.  It helped me get over my cane shaking, "it will never be as good as the 80s show" attitude problem with the 2003 show long enough to finally sit down and watch the first season on Youtube.  Sadly, I now realize that I missed out on a fantastic series.  :(  That'll teach me to judge something without ever REALLY watching it.

This rekindled obsession did one more thing for me.  It got me into reading fan fiction again.  :)  I was having a grand old time reading and writing TMNT fan fiction over on DeviantArt as well as finding all kinds on fantastic TMNT fan art.  That is, until this past week.  Apparently some (bites her lip in an effort to keep from cursing) diddybags have nothing better to do with their time than to target the truly wonderful TMNT authors and artists on DA for harassment.  Simply because these authors and artist happen to support/write/draw tcest.  And the absolutely enraging part about it all is that these prats seem to have the support of at least one of DA's moderators.  Fan fics are being removed by the hundreds!  It's far worse than anything I've seen happen to the DBZ yaoi community on DA.  As a result, many of the authors and some of the artist are returning to their roots here on LJ...and I have followed them.  I refuse to miss out on so much as one LINE of creativity from any of the talented authors and artists because a handful of small minded people feel the need to spread their hatred and make things miserible for everyone.

Will I fully leave DA?  Probably not.  I've made a few friends there and I don't want to leave them.  But I definitely will NOT be purchasing a premium membership like I'd been thinking about doing.  They don't deserve a penny of my money.

Will I start posting my own fan fictions here as well?  I...really don't know.  I've only posted my work on either my own site which is now so defunct you can't even search for its name anymore or DA.  I have no clue of how to go about doing it here.  Would I just make a journal entry like I'm doing now?  Like when I was writing my D&D character's backstory (man, I really need to get back to that)?  Or is there more to it than that?  Not to mention, I'm not sure my writing is...worthy.  So many beautiful stories here...I worry that my writing would just be in the way.

(rolls her eyes and shakes her head)  I know...my confidence is overwhelming.