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An Ending and a Beginning Part Three

Hot damn!  Two history posts back to back!  Why?  Because I can't contain it any longer.  I've given some teasers but at last, here it is!  Hope you all enjoy!  And comment!  ^_~  I suspect that it is longer than the last two parts, but I wanted to put everything in.  After all I suspect that you guys would have been pissed if I left cliffhanger on THIS!

She could smell them…practically taste them from snowy ledge where she hid.  Three of them just below her perch.  They were almost begging to be her supper as they milled about the little camp they were making for the night.  Stupid winged elves.  Did they think her so weak that they could just saunter through her newly established territory without so much as a ‘by your leave’?  Her eyes narrowed as she resisted the urge to growl low in her throat.  Well, she would show them that she was to be FEARED before she made them a part of her frozen larder.  She grinned evilly.  Fear was one of her favorite spices and she delighted in seeing it on the faces and in the eyes of her victims.  Yes, she would relish killing them for their infraction.  


Aridrim couldn’t help but look over the edge of the mountainside.  It was a long way down indeed, the sides smooth and with very few handholds but for an avariel such a drop was of little consequence.  In fact, most other races would say that this was a bad spot for a campsite because of their natural fear of falling, but to an avariel, it was just a faster escape route.  And right now, it was a view to be enjoyed. 


“Aridrim,” Garharath declared amusedly after allowing his son to peer over the edge for a while.  Aridrim quickly looked up and gave his father his undivided attention.  “Could you start a small fire just over there, please?  That way we can make some supper.” he asked as he tossed the young elf some flint and steel.  Aridrim caught the tools and quickly moved to where the center of camp would be once things were done.  He took off the bag of holding he had been carrying and pulled out the firewood they had packed in it for their trip to the town.  Garharath returned to setting up the tents while his son set about his task. 


            Aridrim glanced up after a few moments and his wings fluttered in delight as his mother came back from her quick reconnoiter of the area.  “I take it that you found nothing that troubled you about our locale, Mother,” he asked before returning eyes to making sure the wood caught fire and not his clothing. 


            Tahlama smiled at this as her own wings made a small flutter before she restrained it to maintain her serious demeanor.  “Nothing that makes me want to pack up and leave right now.  I think we are good for the night,” she stated plainly as she came over.  “Shall I cook once you have that fire going?” 


            Aridrim shook his head vigorously.  “I’ll cook!  Don’t worry about it!”


            Tahlama smiled more so at her son.  “Then I will help your father set up the tents,” she stated as she moved to walk by Aridrim.  Though she couldn’t help but stop to gently kiss her precious son on top of his head.  She smiled as his wings showed his pleasure by vigorously fluttering.  Everything seemed to be going well on their first day out.  She still had her concerns, but the smoothness of today had helped ease some of her worries.  If the rest of this trip went as smoothly, then she would be ecstatic.  

            The group of winged elves were having dinner now.  The stench of burnt meat sickened her.  How anyone could ruin a perfectly good piece of meat by exposing it to flame was beyond her.  She so wanted to take them out now, however, the three of them together had the potential to become organized if she attacked.  It would be such a drag if they could mount a proper defense and offense against her.  The three were no match for her, of course, but she thought of the chaos it would cause if she was patient and waited until they started their watches for the night.  If it meant that she could see some suffering and fill her belly at the same time, then she could be infinitely patient.


            Once they were done eating, they chatted for a while and gave Aridrim a chance to practice his Common before they decided on shifts for the night.  Aridrim offered to take a shift by himself so that his parents could get some time together on this trip.  His mother looked like she wanted to protest for a moment, but when Aridrim’s wings began to droop with the expectation of being told ‘no’, she relented.  She knew her son was careful enough to be trusted with the responsibility and it was time that he was shown that trust.  He perked up greatly when she told him to take first shift.  “I won’t let you down!” he declared excitedly as he stood up. 


She smiled at him and nodded before looking at her husband.  She was most amused by the stunned look on his face.  The fact that she let Aridrim take a shift alone was surprising enough, but normally she’d never agreed to the two of them being on the same shift during a trip.  She always insisted that they would just distract each other from their duties.  “Well,” she stated as she smiled teasingly at him.  “You’re the one always telling me that I need to relax when we travel.”  She winked at him when he blinked in surprised and then blushed embarrassedly and shyly.  She allowed her wings to flutter at this which just prompted a darker red from her husband.  He was so adorable when he did that. 


Aridrim looked at his parents before turning color himself.  “All right you two.  If you’re going to get flirty, do it in the tent!”  He grinned when his mother shot a look at him.  The two adults then got up and retired to the larger tent.  Aridrim took a deep breath and smiled happily.  Now was his chance to show off what he had learned.  He got up, straightened his clothing so that they better protected him from the cold, and proceeded to patrol the edge of the camp.


Laximyrkcion was annoyed.  This little whelp was to be her first victim?!  Killing him would entertain her no more than stepping on an ant would entertain a human.  There would be no thrill, no challenge at all!  She could tell just by looking at him that he was a green as the emeralds in her hoard.  It was true that his inexperience would lend fire to his fear but she preferred to take out those who thought themselves skilled.  She enjoyed showing them just how truly weak and powerless they were before her.  She reveled in listening to them beg for her to spare their lives only to scream in terror as she ruthlessly ended their pitiful existence.  She guessed that she would have to wait a bit longer to get what she wanted.  This one was not worth the effort.  Besides, she’d have greater fun in immobilizing the elders and making them watch as she killed and then devoured the boy.  

It had been two hours since his watched had started and Aridrim never wavered in his vigilance.  He continued to walk the patrol area he had decided on, making sure to examine each area carefully.  He wanted to be thorough and meticulous, to impress his parents and make them proud.  There was just one problem.  He really, really had to go pee.  With no one to relieve him so that he could relieve himself that meant that he would have to leave his patrol.  But…he couldn’t.  It would be too risky.  Anything could happen in those few moments and his parents were depending on him.  On the other hand, he wasn’t making a very efficient guard while being distracted by his body screaming at him.  He turned an incredible shade of red with embarrassment before he darted over to the far side of the camp. 


“What in the nine hells is he doing?” Laximyrkcion thought as the winged elf came closer to where she was hiding.  Alarmingly close.  Had this little know-nothing actually seen her?  And if he had, he actually had the brass balls to come closer!?  She relaxed when he stopped a few yards from her position.  She watched him and before she could stop herself a quiet, indignant growl slipped out when she saw the boy fumbling with his clothes.


Aridrim froze.  He could have sworn that he had heard something.  He looked up from the ties of his clothes to look at the snowy ledge that sat just in front of him.  There didn’t seem to be anything there.  Nothing but a mound of snow, but he could have sworn…  The wind changed direction, blowing towards him now and he smelled something.  At first he thought it was just the crispness of the snow, until he detected something in it…something vaguely chemical.  He swallowed before completing the reason he had come to this spot, readjusting his clothes and returning to the camp at a normal pace. 


She narrowed her eyes at the retreating form of the elf.  Had he heard her?  Seen her?  No…he was being far too calm for him to have.  Far too calm for some newbie.  She relaxed.  He’d almost ruined her plans.  Damned little brat.  How dare he unnerve her like that!


Aridrim returned to the camp and went over to the fire that still burned in the center of camp.  Once there, he stooped down and picked up a small, but lit log.  He knew that as long as the moon was out, he could see as clearly as a human could at midday.  But, perhaps a little more light than what the moon was providing was needed to see whatever it was that growled at him.  He hoped it was just a snow leopard that had been warning him off and was now gone, but he HAD to be sure.  He turned and began to stride over to the troublesome spot once more. 


Laximyrkcion eyes widened a bit as the elf returned, this time with a torch.  He peered directly at her, torch held high, searching.  He HAD heard her.  Damn it all to the hells.  She held as still as possible, still hoping to be able to have her way, but the light was so bright.


Aridrim stared intently at the snow bank, looking for anything that would tell him that he hadn’t been hearing things.  Tracks, disturbed snow…anything.  But, there seemed to be nothing at all.  Just as Aridrim was about to give up, he noticed two large dark spots that seemed to glitter like the snow.  They suddenly became smaller…then disappeared all together before reappearing.  They were reminiscent of…eyes…two LARGE eyes watching him and blinking against the brightness of the torch.  He felt his eyes go big and his breathing begin to increase as he began to more closely look at the ‘snow bank’.  He could now make out a head, a body, a tail, two large and neatly tucked wings, and lots and lots of sharp teeth and claws all covered in a light blanket of snow.  He backed away in terror as he realized exactly what he was looking at and as the monster before him realized that he’d seen it and began to rise.  He instinctually threw the torch at it before turning on his heels to run for his life.  “DRAGON!!!!!” he screamed, trying to alert his parents to the danger.  He couldn’t take flight without knowing that they would be safe.


The torch hit her head and bounced harmlessly off of her hide.  She sat there dumbfounded for a second.  Little bastard threw it at her!  Of all the indignities!  Her cover now blown, Laximyrkcion surged to her feet and snarled in outrage.  “Little whelp, I’ll tear you to shreds for this!”  She leapt off her perch and landed just behind Aridrim.  She slashed at him with one of her massive paws, catching the elf in the back and raking her claws in a diagonal.  Aridrim screamed in pain as the claws torn into the sensitive flesh of his right wing and lower back.




He heard his mother scream as he fell to the ground.  He looked over in time to see both of his parents rushing out of their tent, armed and coming to his aid.  “No,” he thought.  “Run away!  Mother…Father!  Save yourselves!” 


Laximyrkcion looked up from her current toy and growled lowly.  So much for her surprise attack.  After putting her paw on top of the young elf’s wounded wing to keep him from fleeing while she was detained, she pulled her head back as she took a deep lungful of air.  Aridrim could only watch in horror as the dragon threw its head forward and what seemed like a blizzard flew from its now open mouth and slammed into his parents, making them both dive for whatever cover they could find to avoid as much of the blast as possible.  Laximyrkcion growled malevolently before quickly returning her attention to the little ‘bird’ in her claws before the adults could interfere again.


Aridrim tore his eyes away from his parents in time to look up and see the dragon’s teeth looming down towards him.  It was going to bite him and rip him in two!  He had to do something fast or he was dead.  His hands flew to his side and he quickly pulled his rapier.  He swung at the dragon and hit its snout.  It pulled back with a startled growl before it narrowed its eyes angrily at him.  It lunged forward at him again and Aridrim eyes’ widened before he flailed at it with his sword, desperately trying to keep it off of him.  Suddenly, he felt the weapon penetrate something soft and the dragon screamed a deep feminine scream of pain. 


She threw her head and upper body back as pain ripped into her eye.  It was such a sudden movement that Aridrim didn’t think to let go of his blade and was picked up off the ground by his sword.  The dragon shook her head in a desperate attempt to get the piece of glassteel agony out of her eye, tossing Aridrim about as though he were a rag doll.  Finally Aridrim’s weight helped the sword to be thrown loose and the young avariel went flying.  He impacted into something soft and warm.  He opened his eyes to see his father, covered in what looked like frost, looking down at him in shock and horror.  “Get him out of here and heal him, Garharath!  I’ll keep this bitch off your backs!” his mother shouted to his father.  Her outrage was clear on her face.  How dare this bitch harm her son!  Garharath took Aridrim’s sword from him, sheathed it, and then lifted him up off the ground to carry him away from the battle.


“YOU BASTARD!  How dare you wound my face!?  I’ll see you dead for this!” Laximyrkcion screamed in rage as she swung her tail, striking Garharath in the back.  He cried out in pain as he and his injured son went flying towards the edge of the mountain. 


Garharath fell short of the edge, but the jarring force of his landing threw Aridrim out of his arms.  Aridrim scrabbled desperately for a hand hold to stop his tumbling toward the edge and found none.  “No!” Garharath shouted as he quickly scrambled to his feet and grabbed his son’s hand just as he went over the edge.  Aridrim screamed in pain as he felt his arm get yanked out of its socket, but at least he wasn’t going to fall.    


Meanwhile, Thalama harassed Laximyrkcion by flying just out of range of her claws and teeth and peppering her with arrows, trying to keep the beast off of her family.  Several of the arrows hit their mark, but they only seemed to be making the dragon angrier.  Laximyrkcion growled before spreading her wings and declaring “GUST OF WIND!”  Thalama cried out as she was enveloped by a blast of air that came charging forth from the dragon.  She tried to keep herself steady, but it soon overwhelmed her and sent her flying uncontrollably into the mountainside. 


There was a loud crack as her head hit the solid rock hard.  She fell to the ground, dazed.  Before she could get her senses back, she felt as though a ton of bricks fell from the sky as the dragon slammed its tail down onto her prone body.  Her world went white then black for a few moments.  When she opened her eyes, she could only make out a fuzzy white blur approaching where she knew her husband was desperately trying to pull their son to safety.  “Damn it…no…”


“Hang on, Aridrim!  I’ve got you!” Garharath hollered to Aridrim.  He lowered his other hand to his son.  “Everything will be all right, my son!  Now grab my hand and I’ll pull you to safety!”  Aridrim did as he was told and smiled, despite his pain, for a brief moment.  The smile soon faded to a look of terror that was focused just beyond his father.  Garharath turned his head just in time to feel the weight of an enormous foot come crashing down onto his back.  He screamed in pain but tightened his grip on his son’s hands, utterly refusing to let him go.


“FATHER!” Aridrim screamed as he looked on helplessly.


            The dragon turned her uninjured eye towards Aridrim.  “‘Father’, eh?” she growled before looking at Garharath.  “So, not only do you have the audacity to trespass through the territory of the great and powerful Laximyrkcion but you have the unmitigated GALL to turn it into a field trip,” she hissed into Garharath’s ear.  “A mistake that will not only cost you your life...but that of your precious boy as well.”  She returned her eye to Aridrim.  “And you, hatchling.  You know that if it wasn’t for you pulling them down, your parents probably would have escaped.  You know that, right?”  She sneered at the stricken look on the young elf’s face and relished it.  The tears of despair that were starting to flow down his face were like a fine wine to her.  Too bad she wouldn’t get to take a sip.  “Yes, you may as well have killed them yourself.  Now, mull that over ON YOUR WAY TO THE HELLS!” she snarled as she suddenly lashed out with her teeth, latching hold of Garharath’s wing.  Garharath screamed in pain as he felt the teeth penetrating and then ripping. 


            Aridrim could only watch in horror as Laximyrkcion ripped his father’s left wing off, splattering all of them in his blood.  Laximyrkcion tossed the wing over her shoulder and began to torturously nibble on the other.  “Father!  Father, please!  Let me go!  Save yourself!” Aridrim pleaded. 


Garharath shook his head; stubbornly refusing to give in to the sudden blood loss induced lightheadedness and sacrifice his only son to try to save himself.  His own tears slid down his face to land and mingle with his son’s.  “Don’t listen to her, Aridrim!  You just focus on hanging on.  Whatever happens, don’t let go!  You hear me?  Don’t let go!” he shouted down to his son, who whimpered before nodding obediently.


“How touching,” Laximyrkcion sneered.  “Turns my stomach.”  She raked her teeth over the meat of Garharath’s remaining wing, causing another cry of agony from the avariel and fresh blood to flow forth.  It was this blood that was causing a new problem now. 


Garharath could feel his grip slipping from the slickness his blood was creating.  His eyes widened in horror.  They were both going to die if something didn’t happen and soon.  “Winged Mother, please help us!” he cried out pathetically through his tears.


A few moments after Garharath cried out, a winged form slammed into Laximyrkcion, stabbing a longsword deep into her shoulder.  Tahlama, blood flowing down the side of her face, held onto her weapon for dear life, trying to twist it deeper as Laximyrkcion rocked and thrashed about.  She moved away from the two males to try and deal with this persistent and annoying female warrior.  Garharath looked like his prayers had been answered and quickly turned to pull Aridrim up to safety before the blood loss sapped his strength completely.  But, just as he started to pull, Aridrim slipped from his fingers.  Their eyes locked, each having identical looks of horror, as Aridrim began to plummet to the earth.  For the first time in his life, Aridrim understood why the other races feared high places.  “NNNNOOOOO!!!!!” he heard his father scream as he fell through the clouds, tumbling out of control. 


The pain that tore through his injured body was mind-numbing as the wind whipped him around like he was its own personal toy.  He could no longer hear anything but the wind whistling in his ears.  He was going to die.  He desperately tried to spread his wings to fly or at least glide, but pain ripped into him from his wing and back making him curl up more.  “Damn it!” he thought as his vision blurred.  He felt lightheaded from the blood loss.  Was he dying before he hit the ground or was it simply the tears that clouded his vision?  Darkness was starting to creep in.  He tried to shake it off, to fight it, but despite his best efforts the darkness overcame him.  


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Feb. 27th, 2008 09:33 pm (UTC)

And to think that we might have to be on the lookout for a very pissed off white dragon who's missing an eye.
Mar. 5th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)
Well, if Laximyrkcion is still alive, then she probably thinks that the little elf shit that got her eye is dead anyway. (chuckles) Won't she be in for a surprise!
Feb. 28th, 2008 04:42 am (UTC)
Ouchies. THat does sound bad. SO that's the whole of what he saw. Yes yes that's very helpful.
Mar. 5th, 2008 07:14 pm (UTC)
Yup, that is what he was subjected to. And how he got his scars. So, now you better understand why Aridrim hates dragons so much.
Feb. 29th, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC)
Yay! I may not be the first to comment, but I will be the first to comment on the quality! And no, I have not finished that other story yet...I just decided to skip to this one first.

I really enjoyed this one, though it was a tad bit rougher than the first two parts you posted (just a tiny bit). And some identifier in between the paragraphs from the dragon's point of view and the other characters might help. Something like, ****** maybe? But as I said before, you did well writing from the dragon's point of view and everything was put together very nicely. Good work!
Mar. 5th, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
Yay! Glad you liked it! And I'll have to get together with you one of these days and edit these posts so that they flow better! ^_^
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