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Party thoughts - Aridrim style

    (smiling cheerfully)  Konbonwa!  Ogenki desu ka?  Boku wa Korel Aridrim!  Boku wa.....eh?  (stops before he continues)(blinks a bit at the blank expressions he is getting before sighing and pinching his nose as though he has a headache suddenly before looking embarrassed)  Gomen nasai...I mean...I'm very sorry.  I'm so embarrassed that I let myself slip like that.  I really need to cut back on conversing with Missa in Oriental Common.  It's making me slip into the language unnecessarily.  Besides, she needs to become better acquainted with the Standard Common and my talking to her in Oriental is probably setting her back.  

     Shall we try this again?  (clears his throat)  Good evening.  How are you?  My name is Aridrim Korel.  I am an avariel, a winged elf.  I am from around the Himalayan Mountains.  I apologize that I can not be more specific than that.  (very softly as his eyes seem to get a very far off and sad expression)  Mother and Father told me never to reveal the exact location of our home, else I could put all of our people in jeopardy.  My race is...in dire straits.  I have not been home for many years.  I can only hope that my family is well.  

     (shakes his head suddenly and the cheerful face returns)  But let us not dwell on such thoughts.  They are not pleasurable for me...and I very much doubt they will bring you pleasure at all!  Sharess teaches that pleasure is paramount after all. 

     For the past few months, I have been traveling with several other adventurers.  We are definitely a...unique bunch.  I have never seen a motlier crew.  

     First we have our intrepid yet mysterious leader, Kass Engel.  He is one of the most kind-hearted individuals that I know.  He appears to be a moon elf, however, he himself admits to not knowing what he really is.  He is able to cast a disguise spell seemingly at will and can maintain it for an apparent indefinite amount of time.  He is either an incredibly powerful sorcerer masquerading around as a weaker one...or something else is going on.  I wish I knew, but at the same time...I find it incredibly....sensual.  It is like having sex with someone wearing a mask... (looong pause as he seems to be somewhere else)....Goddess that was fun.  (thoughtfully)  Kass says he's straight.  Wonder if I could make him change his mind?  After all, I fail to see the point in denying yourself of 50% of the population!  (sighs longingly before coming out of his fantasy)  

     Anyway, I know that many of you are wondering why I am crazy enough to follow someone that I don't what he is...and he himself doesn't even know what he is.  Because, despite this...Kass has shown himself to be a good, sensible, and fair-minded person.  Besides, I intend to help him find out what he is.  It would bring him pleasure after all.  Or at least, ease of mind.  I have an idea on how to do that, but I need to find the right time to bring it up to him.  There is another reason that I want him as party leader.  And that is because I don't want a certain other person to seize that power.  

     Calsundez.  That spoiled, petulant child would lead us all to our deaths if he was in charge.  I can tell that he wants to be in charge because every chance he gets, he cuts Kass off and tries to take the role.  He is of a fey species called killoren, but one would have a hard time telling that.  And it gets harder as time goes on.  You see, somewhere in his ancestry a silver dragon decided to mingle his...or her...blood with that of a killoren of Calsundez's tribe.  I suspect that if that dragon were to meet Calsundez, they would consider that union a mistake, and coming from me that is a serious insult, but I will digress.  Somehow, his dragon heritage is slowly enveloping his fey heritage, replacing his fur with scales.  This transformation disturbs me.  I despise dragons...especially white dragons.  Which of course have the same breath weapon as silvers, one of the supposable 'good' dragons.  I swear I have to fight flashbacks every time Calsundez uses that blasted breath weapon of his.  

     This dragon bloodline is what truly started the strain on our relationship.  Though, I'm now sure it would have gotten to where it is without this added complication.  His utter lack of common sense infuriated me then and still does now.  I admit my fault in this...I did attack him that first time he demonstrated his breath weapon.  I doubt I could have been considered in control of my faculties at the time, but I did attack him.  Then he promptly dishonored me by intimidating and cowing me into submission instead of defeating me in battle!  I am ashamed of myself for that.  Soon after I managed to regain some control...I remember brandishing my weapon at him again...to try and keep him at bay... (closes his eyes in shame) I was so afraid...I just wanted him to stay away from me.  But no...he had to cow me again...further adding to my shame.  

     Ever since then, we have been in an uneasy truce.  Despite his often unwarranted verbal attacks on my integrity, I have managed to restrain myself...if only because Kass asked me to do so.  Our bickering does nothing to help the party.  However...I refuse to believe my 'Detect Good' spell is working when HE is glowing while it is activated.  I would sooner believe that a pool of water exists in the center of the plane of fire than believe that greedy, pompous, overbearing, self-righteous, spoiled brat is GOOD.  I will acknowledge that he is not evil...but nor is he good.  He never accepts responsibility for anything bad he does and everything has to be about what he wants.  He is always the one wronged...never anyone else.  

     He is manipulative as well.  Recently, I was angry with him for taking me away from the bedside of a sick party member to be the mid-wife....or in my case I guess you could say "mid-husband"...to his mate when they artificially sped up the pregnancy with a Wish spell.  I will also note that for the record, his mate, Missa-chan who I will discuss later, did not want to have the children, but was made to go through with it anyway...a sign of his manipulation right there.  Anyway, we were in a large town.  He could have easily hired a midwife.  He also did not tell me that this was why I was being pulled away from where I was really needed so I was completely unprepared.  In addition, we were going to be in that town for many, MANY more days...he could have delayed the whole thing until our...ill...party member was in better shape.  But, no...everything had to be done...his way....right then and there...because he was 'worried about <his> children'.  Not even his and Missa's children!  HIS children.  He claimed the reason he wanted me to do the delivery was because he wanted to show that he trusted me.  I, honestly, couldn't give a rat's ass if he trusts me or not.  He should be working to get me to trust HIM.  It is not the cat's job to get the DOG to trust him!  Aho.  Ah, pardon.  "Aho" means fool or idiot in Oriental Common.  It also implies a certain amount of mental retardation.  In essence, in your modern day language...I'm calling him a 'retard'.  I believe that is the proper term.

     When he told me that he wanted to show that he trusted me, I was willing to think that...maybe since he feels he can trust me, I could begin to trust him.  However, recent events have shown me that what he said was just words to get his ass out of the frying pan.  Twice now, his mate has wanted to go somewhere he as not wanted to.  Twice now, I have offered to go instead.  AND twice now, he decides soon after I make my offer to come anyway.  The first time...I was willing to concede that I was over reacting.  We were going to a potentially dangerous place so, safety in numbers.  However, the second time...I was taking Missa to an oriental store I had stumbled on.  (snarls, outraged)  A STORE!!!  So...I'm trustworthy enough to deliver your children....but...not trustworthy enough to make sure your mate, and my friend, is safe while going SHOPPING?!  Oh yes....that really makes me believe you now!  Fucking liar!

     (suddenly stops himself, takes a deep breath, and folds his hands together)  I apologize.  I seem to be leaning towards the unpleasurable realm again.  I know Sharess told me to try and find what brings him pleasure.  But...the only thing that does is money, power, and getting his way....ALL THE TIME!  I'm sorry, my Dancing Lady...but it will bring ME no pleasure to become his SLAVE.  I admit I may be over reacting...however I doubt it.  I will continue to observe him to see if he IS telling the truth.  I just worry that his lack of common sense and impulsiveness will get someone important to him killed.  (softly and very soberly)  Despite how much he enrages me, I would never wish for anyone's hands to be stained with the blood of someone they cared about.

     (heaves a heavy sigh before pushing something back and bringing the cheerfulness back to the fore)  Who shall I speak of next?  (thinks a moment before smiling with fondness)  Ah yes...Missa...the unfortunate mate to Calsundez.  Not that it was something she wanted.  Yes, she had sex with him...however, she had no intention of becoming with child by him.  Yet...that is what happened...despite that I had given her a masterwork condom.  I know that there is a percent chance that it can happen even with the covering...however...can not fey choose whether or not to impregnate or get impregnated?  

     (shakes his head again)  Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked.  Missa-chan is from the orient herself.  Japan I believe.  She is cat folk.  (smiles pleasantly)  The chosen people of Sharess.  If she had her way...we'd all be cat folk.  Missa-chan is an adorable young one and I really enjoy her company as we talk about all things oriental.  (sighs)  It really makes me long for the temple.   She really likes shiny, expensive things.  A trait that almost got her in trouble once.  I doubt it will be the last time.  I will have to make sure that she is protected...she is my friend after all.  Wouldn't mind 'playing' with her one of these days.  If she wanted to....and if Mr. Possessive would lay off.  Not like they actually are married.  (gets this little smile)  I bet that would be a night of pleasure to never forget.    

     Despite their father...she as two beautiful children.  Hana-chan and Midori-chan.  I adore them and pray that Sharess blesses them with a life full of pleasure.  I believe that Missa-chan is planning on taking them to her family since they are easier to find that HIS family.  I am certain that they will bring much joy and honor to the family.  Missa-chan is person that I can relate to as I, myself, have been placed into a similar position.

     We both have had parenthood thrust upon us.  Though...I didn't exactly have to get someone else pregnant to get my 'child'.  (fondly)  Tialith, my precious jewel.  I would die to protect her, though many would think me crazy and foolish for doing so.  You see, Tialith is a pleasure golem.  Actually she is a half-pleasure golem...yes...that is probably the best description of her.  It seems that she was in a death-like sleep because of scorpion sting when an insane wizard found her and proceeded to turn her 'dead' body into a pleasure golem.  She doesn't remember her past life and in many ways acts like a child, though she is maturing rapidly from what I can tell.  She bonded to me like ducklings bond to their mother so she follows me almost everywhere.  At first, I admit I thought of her much like Kass did, a tool...an item.  That rapidly changed the more I interacted with her.  And now...I could not imagine my life without her.  I only wish that we could communicate better.  It frustrates me that she inherited the pleasure golem's inability to talk.

     Next is up Lenn.  (smiles a bit, wryly)  My dragon anatomy and weak point instructor.  It is she that I have to thank for the little bit of training I have in ranger.  While I prefer to focus on my study of the priestly ways, I do see the advantages to knowing more about your enemy.  So, I asked her to help me with that.  She agreed...after extracting the promise that I would 'pay' later.  Lenn is a very reasonable, laid-back person.  Very little gets her angry.  Her native country is North America...which we are currently on our way BACK to.  Long story, best saved for later.  She is very handy in a fight.  And DAMN can she hide!  I am often tempted to ask if she has any knowledge of the way of the shinobi.  I know that she is married with two children, whom I know she sorely misses.  Hopefully we will be back to them soon.  

     And last but not least, we have our latest addition to the party...Regald.  I know very little about him right now.  Judging by his appearance I would say he is a tiefling.  And a bard as well.  I always appreciate good entertainment, but I'd rather be careful until I am certain he can be trusted.  Calsundez has bonded with him, scarily enough, but I will try not to hold it against him that the 'aho' likes him...though he seems to be a bit of an 'aho' himself.  He may only be trying to be entertaining.  He seems very unpredictable.  The incident that happened in the oriental shop makes me a little leery of him.  After the death of those poor creatures, mogwai I believe he called them, he pointed to Missa-chan and claimed that she dumped the water on the mogwai in the cage...resulting in the enormous spawning of many, many more creatures.  While he seemed sincere in his claim, I know Missa-chan.  She may be curious as a cat, but I do not believe her capable of what occurred.  She seemed as shocked as the rest of us as well as genuinely hurt when Calsundez believed Regald over her.  I really don't know about him...but I am willing to sit, wait, and see.  I can be patient despite how I must have seemed with my rant about Calsundez.  However, even though I will end up feeling like a tattle tail, I should inform Kass of what has occurred.  I guess I will do that as soon as I can get him alone.


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Mar. 5th, 2007 08:54 pm (UTC)
Aridrim is so disturbingly cute...even when he's mad. The post conveys his cuteness much more readily than in the RPG. He's much more serious 'in person'. I think it's good to show more aspects of your character.

And it's gonna be blood, sweat and tears for him to get into Kass's pants! YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!
Mar. 6th, 2007 04:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Prez. I didn't indend for Aridrim to be so serious 'in person', it just seems to happen. I can only hope he isn't a stick in the mud, because that is not what he is supposed to be. Certain things that are happening just don't seem to allow him to be as carefree as he'd like to be.
Mar. 6th, 2007 04:42 pm (UTC)
And I know that Aridrim will try his damnedest to get there! He is determined!
Sep. 5th, 2007 11:43 am (UTC)
I see I forgot this one. Interesting, good to see a persons views and see how they change whether slightly or majorly.
Sep. 5th, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
Damn! I honestly thought you had read them all! Perhaps you did read it just didn't comment?
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