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An Ending and a Beginning Part One

     I finally decided to start taking everyone who voted in my poll a while back advice and start posting my dear Aridrim's history.  Still not done writing it.  I just haven't had the time to but hopefully I will be able to continue it soon.  Hope you enjoy it!  ^_^

He smirked victoriously as he did a barrel roll directly into one of his cousin’s flight path.  Nulanna* squeaked in startlement before making a dive, nimbly dodging him just before he could grab her.  He looked like he was in a bit of a snit as she laughed at him.  Then it was his turn to squawk in surprise as her younger brother dived bombed at him, determined to win this game of ‘catch me if you can’.  To escape, he closed his wings and just let himself drop, tumbling out of the sky like an eagle struck by a hunter’s bow.  He plummeted seemingly out of control until he could see the top of the jungle canopy looming towards him.  Then, just as he could hear his cousins hollering at him in fear, thinking he had actually lost control, he put his wings out enough to pull himself out of his chaotic spin.  Once stable again, he spread his glorious silver-tipped black wings out to their full 14 foot span and veered upwards, using his built-up momentum to propel himself back into the sky with only the tips of his toes barely brushing the highest reaching leaves of the canopy. 


“Aridrim Korel!  I swear one of these days that stunt of yours is going to get you killed!” Nulanna angrily declared as he flew back up to her and his other cousins, laughing gleefully at their expressions.  “What would I tell Aunt Tahlama* and Uncle Garharath* if that happened!”  Even as she scolded him, his other three cousins tried to conceal their amusement.  Nulanna was always so easily worked up when it came to the youngest of their family.


            Aridrim smiled at this as he approached to hover in front of her.  “I would expect you to tell them how stupid their son was for doing it, of course,” he teased.  “Come on, Nulanna!  I’m forty-one years of age now!  I’m not the little fledgling that you used to watch over and chase butterflies with.  I’m an adult now…same as you.  Give me some credit.”


“I think you still have some growing up to do if you think such recklessness is considered ‘adult,’” she countered.


            Aridrim frowned a bit before turning to the others.  “I think someone’s just grumpy because she lost four times,” he declared and smiled as his other cousins snickered at Nulanna. 




            A voice echoed over the tree tops causing the five young avariels to look back towards where their families dwelled.  Aridrim perked at the voice and it only took a few moments before he quickly soared in the direction of the female voice calling him.  After a while he descended to one of the many trees in the canopy and touched down on a carefully crafted landing platform that connected to a simple, but well crafted elven tree house. 


            Standing outside the door was the most formidable woman Aridrim had yet to meet in his life.  And she looked more than a little impatient with him.  “Hello, Mother.  You called for me?” 


            His mother folded her arms in front of herself and frowned.  “You know we leave early tomorrow morning.  Shouldn’t you be packing?”


            Aridrim looked at his feet for a moment.  “I should be, yes.  But when Nulanna and the others came and asked if I had a chance to play a game, I couldn’t resist.  I wanted to spend some time with them before we left.”


            Tahlama Korel’s amethyst eyes softened at his explanation and sad face.  Despite her fierceness in battle, she always found herself clay to be worked when it came to her son.  “Well, it is true that we can’t be sure of when we will be back.  But we can be certain that it won’t be for quite a while.  So, as such, I guess that it was fine that you spent time with your cousins.  Now, however, it is dinnertime.  And you’ve been keeping a very important person waiting.”


            Aridrim blinked and looked puzzled for a moment before his eyes lit up.  “Great Grandfather Baelik*!” he declared.  His mother smiled at his expression.  Even after a year of adulthood, Aridrim was still full of the energy and enthusiasm of youth.  She hoped that he would retain it.  She found it to be one of his most endearing qualities.  She then turned to go inside their house with her son quickly following behind her. 


            Aridrim smiled happily once he was inside and was able to take in the scene before him.  His father was sitting at the dinner table, having a debate with an avariel whose wings had turned from their original silver-white to a darker gray with age.  This man was definitely older, but no means weaker.  He simply exuded an aura of strength and skill.  The elder stopped in his debate to smile at his great grandson.  “I was starting to wonder if you had left without your parents.  I knew you were eager to see the world beyond the aerie and mountain, but…” he trailed off with an amused twinkle in his eyes.


            Aridrim looked embarrassed before sitting at the table.  “Forgive me for causing such worry, Great Grandfather.  I merely wanted to spend time with my cousins before I left.”


            Baelik Theratri* laughed as he reached out to partake in some of the food that was waiting to be eaten on the table.  “They will be here when you get back.  You talk as though you will never see them again,” he stated.  “A warrior should never have such a fatalistic attitude.  It will be his undoing.”


“And I suppose it is acceptable for a cleric to have such a mind set?” Aridrim’s father poked at Baelik while winking an emerald eye.


            Baelik simply lifted his head in a ‘haughty’ manner.  “What you clerics think is beyond my scope.  Personally, I think that is what is wrong with you.  You think too much,”    he poked back.


“Someone has to help you warriors watch out for your skins!” Garharath declared amusedly. 


            Aridrim’s mother raised her hand between them.  “All right you two.  Enough ‘arguing’; it’s time to eat.  You’ll have plenty of time to pick at each other later,” Tahlama stated amusedly.  By now, she was used to her grandfather and husband showing their affection for one another by poking at each other’s philosophies so she knew to just take it in stride.


            Baelik chuckled amusedly but did as his granddaughter asked.  “So, Aridrim…you’ve studied in both the warrior and priestly ways.  You have been immersed in the two subcultures better than MOST avariels thanks to your parents.  Have you decided which side is calling you yet?” he asked his great grandson as they continued their meal.  “It is definitely time for you to choose which path you will take.”


            Aridrim shifted uncomfortably at this question.  He’d been wrestling with it for the past year now.  Yes, he had better insight into the two subcultures of his race than most young ones; it was an advantage…and a crutch as well.  Because he had been so saturated in them, he could see the appeal of both.  Not to mention the thought of disappointing either of his parents with his choice was dismaying to him.  He swallowed before choosing his words carefully.  “No, Great Grandfather.  It is…difficult to choose between them.  Is it necessary that I do so?” he asked, hoping that perhaps he wouldn’t have to make such a choice.


            Baelik frown at this in thought.  “I’m not sure, young one.  Both sides have very different view points about the world.  To try and integrate them into one would be difficult at best I’m sure.” Baelik watched the disappointed look cross his great grandson’s face.  “But, perhaps this journey you are undertaking will help you to find your calling.”  Aridrim smiled slightly at this.  He could only hope it to be so.


            After dinner, Aridrim enjoyed listening to his great grandfather and father debate like always.  Despite his excitement about the next day, he could feel his body starting to betray him.  He decided to surrender to his physical need and he excused himself to go and enter revere.  He quickly finished packing and then began to trance, unaware of the new debate that his mother had started in the living chamber. 


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Feb. 7th, 2008 09:59 am (UTC)
I hope you feel better and stop being queesy. Anyways I read it and you edited it well from the original draft I got. AWWW family time. ^_^
Feb. 7th, 2008 01:24 pm (UTC)
Yay! Glad you like it! And thank you for thinking I did a good job editing it. I've honestly forgotten how far you got to read it. ?
Feb. 9th, 2008 05:42 am (UTC)
No problem. And I am caught up to right before the parents meet the dragons. So ergo right before the action scene. That's wher I was at. *NOds*

Now if you would read and comment on my two stories from the other universe pwease. PWEASE!!!!
Feb. 11th, 2008 07:39 pm (UTC)
You missed a few little typos but otherwise nicely done. I like how you do third person.
Feb. 11th, 2008 07:49 pm (UTC)
Man, I thought I'd gotten them all. I'm going to have to ask you to help me find them. Probably will have to do that with my next post this week. I'm glad you are enjoying it and thanks so much for the compliment!
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